P5 and P6 students from the LFIS enjoy a thrilling dance performance [fr]

P5 and P6 students from the French International School of Hong Kong were fortunate to see the National Choreogrpahic Centre of Tours perform their show « Tel Quel » as part of the « Outreach and Education ».


Choreographed by the talented Thomas Le Brun, this dance concert is specifically designed for all ages. Through choreogrpahic, Le Brun questions notions of diversity, tolerance, indulgence and humanity.


Indeed, dance allows this brilliant choreographer, assisted by his four dancers, to explore the conflicting relationship mankind holds with his body, whilst highlighting the value of each of our individual particularities.


The metaphysical dimension does not however prevent the choreographer to bring humor and liveliness to his work. He definitely captured our students’ attention yesterday, who left enthralled by the performance.

publié le 24/06/2015

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