Open Call for Associated Projects of Le French May Art Festival 2017 [fr]

Be part of Le French May Arts Festival on the occasion of its 25th – Silver Jubilee Edition.


In conjunction with the 20th anniversary of the Establishment of our Special Administrative Region, Le French May Arts Festival will bring together the best talents from France, Hong Kong and Macau. The 25th edition will take place from 1 May to 30 June 2017 under the theme “Celebrating art and life the French Way”.

Le French May embraces a wide variety of creative and artistic disciplines with the aim to promote French culture, initiating synergies between French and local artists, to reach out the largest audience possible.

Le French May welcomes proposals of creative projects in visual arts, music and performing arts, fashion, design, screenings to be integrated in the frame of the overall programme as “Associated projects” The team of the festival will accompany you with advice on contents, venues and organisation.

Selection Criteria


The “Associated Projects” need to be aligned with the main focus of Le French May: promoting French culture in the territories, including local artists and culture when possible.
It is strongly requested that the content of the “Associated Projects” are in close connection with the edition’s theme - “Celebrating art and life the French Way”.

The opening dates of the Projects need to be contained during the period of the festival (1 May – 30 June 2017), although it is possible that the projects final dates are later than the end of the festival.

The formats are advised to be cross-disciplinary.

The application is open to all professionals of the arts and culture field, or to individuals, groups or institutions having a frequent and serious practice of the arts and culture with high-standards level and some established experience.

The Associated Projects are to be solely funded by the presenter/organizer. Le French May will not provide financial grants for the projects.

Educational and outreach programmes are strongly encouraged to be developed, solely or in addition to the projects themselves.

Deadline of application


5 December 2016

Full application with details:
5 January 2017

Announcement of the selected projects:
9 January 2017 (email to be sent individually)

Materials for promotional and marketing use: 15 January 2017

Selection Process


The Associated Projects shall comply with the Selection criteria detailed above, including but not limited to the intrinsic quality, feasibility of the project and its relevance with the theme of the 2017 edition of Le French May. Any application out of the frame might not be considered.

The selection of the Associated Projects will be made by Le French May artistic team based on the criteria developed and in view of the overall programming of the festival. Consistency and diversity of the programming will be considered.

The number of selected projects vary from an edition to another, based on the quality and relevance of the submitted proposals. Results will be officially announced, and the festival reserves the right not to disclose its reasons for selecting or rejecting some of the applications.

Benefits of the Associated Projects

The selected projects will be fully integrated to the programme of the 2017 edition of Le French May under the “Associated Projects” category. Subsequently, the Project will benefit of a large channel of promotion, offering a very extensive exposure for the project and its organiser(s).

Le French May will contribute to promote the selected projects through all the communication channels (both online and of­fline), including but not limited to: the 2017 General Brochure and Passport Calendar (with total circulation of 80,000 copies distributed at over 300 locations in Hong Kong and Macau), Website & e-newsletter, etc.

The Associated Projects will also benefit from the “French May” branding, ensuring the audience as well as the partners of the quality of the project and its impact for the community.

Requirements & Compliance

nce selected, the Associated Projects must comply with the visual guidelines of Le French May, including but not limited to carrying “Le French May Associated Project logo” on all marketing materials of the projects (at the position and size developed in the dedicated guideline). All marketing materials shall be shared to and approved by the Festival at least two days before their production.

A selection of complimentary tickets are to be reserved for Le French May management, partners and supporters (exact number to be proposed by the Applicant and confirmed by the festival).

When applicable, a complimentary page of advertisement shall be offered to the Festival for its own publicity use (exact format/publication to be proposed by the Applicant and confirmed by the festival).

A detailed report of Activity of the Associated project should be submitted to the Festival within 1 month after the end of the event.

It is mandatory to fill out a form to indicate your interest, please click here to complete the application.

publié le 27/10/2016

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