Official visit of Mr. Li Keqiang in France [fr]

July 2, 2015 marks a great step in the development of relations France and China. During the Sino-French Economic Summit in Toulouse, the Chinese Prime Minister, Mr. Li Keqiang underlined the importance of maintaining mutually beneficial bilateral relations between our two countries.

French Prime Minister Mr. Manuel Valls invited M. Li Keqiang for an official visit between June 30 and July 2. This provided him the opportunity to meet the President of the French Republic as well as the presidents of the Senate and the National Assembly.

Mr. Li Keqiang then paid a trip to the Arles region in Southern France where he admired the glorious landscape and cultural richness of the region. In Marseille, he insisted on developing opportunities for tourism. Not only are the Chinese keen to visit France, but China is ready to welcome more French tourists.


But it is in Toulouse that M. Li Keqiang truly paid tribute to France. During the closing ceremony of the Sino-French Economic Summit in Toulouse, the Chinese Prime Minister put emphasis on the need to both maintain and further develop a lucrative collaboration between our two countries, on the economic, political and cultural fronts.

"The Chinese are pragmatic, but they are also romantic, and the French who have the reputation to be romantic, are very pragmatic too." he said. Something that is illustrated by the value given to eating and gastronomy by both people!

Moreover, M. Li insisted on the values of respect, open-mindness and tolerance that are shared by these two cultures rich with History.


« We want to intensify the exchanges and cooperations with France in the cultural domain." he announced. China, he affirmed, hopes that exchanges between universities can intensify, allowing both Chinese and French students to visit / study in a foreign country ensuring the further development of functioning relations and lucrative bilateral agreements.

publié le 07/07/2015

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