Ocean Science and Climate Change – The Journey of TARA [fr]

During TARA’s stay in Hong Kong, the Tara team will visit HKU to take us on a journey around the world’s ocean on Tuesday 13th March

We will learn how to perform cutting edge science on a small boat and how that helps to unravel the mysteries of corals, fish and plankton.

During this journey at HKU, 3 speakers will be presenting :

  • The TARA mission : How to make a difference for the Ocean - (Romain Troublé - Executive Director of the Tara Expeditions Foundation)
  • TARA Oceans : A New World in the Ocean - (Prof. Chris Bowler - CNRS and Ecole normale supérieure, France)
  • TARA Pacific : Coral Reef Biodiversity Facing Climate Change - (Dr. Till Röthig - The Swire Institute of Marine Science (SWIMS), HKU)

Our ocean is our future – a better understanding is urgently required to protect both. Please come and join us!


publié le 22/02/2018

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