Dr. Amel Ghouila of the Pasteur Institute of Tunis presents the progress of Big Data in French high school [fr]

Dr. Amel Ghouila presented to an audience of 300 people the latest scientific advances in bioinformatics.

In front of an audience composed of French and international high school students that the conference of bio-computer scientist Amel Ghouila took place. This researcher, motivated by philanthropic projects, exposed her field of study and her career. Also passionate about science, Amel Ghouila wanted to come to the aid of the African populations victims of epidemic.

‘I was not foolhardy enough to work in the laboratory on viruses, that is why I preferred to move towards computers.’

The data available on the internet does not only come from users, but also from CCTV cameras or sensors installed on the seas and oceans. This volume of data follows an exponential progression and this field of research is intrinsically linked to the development of artificial intelligence.

The bioinformatics research of the Pasteur Institute of Tunis focuses mainly on genomics. Ms. Ghouila also informed the students about new technologies that can be used for unscrupulous purposes or can obtain erroneous results.

To end on an optimistic note, the presentation ended with an exciting questions and answers session on the explosion of the collected genetic data and their potential impacts on our lives.

publié le 10/11/2017

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