Students from Sha Tin College visiting "Inventing le Louvre" exhibition at Hong Kong Heritage Museum [fr] [中文]

On 8th May (Monday), a group of students from Sha Tin College visited the "Inventing le Louvre: From Palace to Museum over 800 Years" exhibition at Hong Kong Heritage Museum. It was a major exhibition in this year’s Le French May Festival.


The Louvre Museum is a world-renowned museum. "Inventing le Louvre" proposes a large, brilliant selection of works and masterworks from all the Louvre’s departments. It explores the history of the Louvre from modern times, marked by renovations and profound changes (architectural, functional and museographical), to the origins of the very idea of the museum, born from the royal collections of François I and Louis XIV. Along the way, the exhibition explores the contributions of Napoleon I and the visionary ideas of the "Republics" and intellectual movements that followed. Throughout the 20th century, the Louvre Museum continued to expand, increasing the number of outstanding collections. This led to the museum’s frequent introduction of new financial and administrative means to keep its vitality and charm as one of the most important museums in the world.

The students from Sha Tin College, who are French-speaking and ardent admirers of French culture, were able to embark on a historical and artistic journey that afternoon, to appreciate these art treasures and explore the history of the Louvre.

publié le 18/05/2017

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