Normandy Oysters please Hong Kong and Chinese professionals [fr]

It is in the heart of Hong Kong, at the Consulate General of France, that 5 oyster-farmers from Normandy settled for a few days in order to discover this attractive market. A 2-day program has been planned and organized by Ubifrance for them to better understand the potential of the market.

The five oyster farmers had the chance to attend a seminar together with the presence of one the most influential importer in Hong Kong and the Ubifrance team. The first day ended with the visit of the major oysters outlets of Hong Kong. Finally it was time for them to discover the local culinary delicacies during a local dinner.


The second day started with a media seminar. 14 journalists came to know more about these oysters and also had the chance to get to taste some of the best oysters from the region. Following this, a tasting was held with around 55 importers from Hong Kong and Guangzhou, demonstrating the craze for oysters in Mainland China.

The feedbacks are really positive from both the exhibitors, now back in Normandy, and the local importers. We will certainly get to see their oysters very soon on Hong Kong and China’s tables!


publié le 03/07/2014

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