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On 10 November, the Research Grants Council of Hong Kong and the European Commission, reached a ground-breaking agreement to set up a collaboration scheme for research and innovation which will allow co-funding of Hong Kong researchers in the EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020. With an annual budget of HK$ 9 million for the benefit of Hong Kong researchers, the collaboration scheme will strengthen the relations between the EU and Hong Kong research communities in areas of mutual interest in order to achieve world-class scientific and technical results leading towards new and innovative technologies.



Hong Kong, 20 November 2015

Mr Vincent Piket, Head of the EU Office to Hong Kong and Macao, said, "The collaboration scheme is an exciting new development in EU-Hong Kong bilateral relations. Research and innovation is a key economic policy agenda for both the EU and Hong Kong. I am pleased that researchers on both sides will work side by side and benefit from each other’s experience."

Horizon 2020 projects are open for participation by all parts of the world, including Hong Kong. Under the new agreement between the European Commission and the Research Grant Council, Hong Kong researchers can apply for matching funds to support their participation in joint research projects under Horizon 2020. The budget available from the RGC Hong Kong is HK$ 9 million annually.

The European Commission/Research Grants Council Collaboration Scheme aims to foster the EU-Hong Kong collaboration in scientific research and researchers’ exchanges between both sides. Both basic and applied research projects of high academic merits will be considered. The Hong Kong partners of the successful projects under Horizon 2020 can apply for the RGC grants for research project proposals in science disciplines (biology, medicine, engineering, and physical sciences) or for exchange proposals in all disciplines.

Professor Benjamin Wah, Chairman of the Research Grants Council (RGC) said, “We are delighted to see the launch of the collaboration scheme. International research collaborations allow researchers to pull resources together for bigger impact in the discovery and advancement of knowledge which transcend geographical boundaries. The new collaboration scheme will no doubt provide opportunities to researchers in the EU and Hong Kong to reach new heights in their work and further strengthen their academic networks.”

The new Horizon 2020 Work Programmes 2016/2017 have just been opened for application and offer numerous opportunities for researchers and innovators from all over the world supporting cutting edge research and development projects across the entire cycle from research to innovation. Under the agreement between the European Commission and the RGC it will be possible for Hong Kong researchers to apply for research project proposals in science disciplines (biology, medicine, engineering, and physical sciences) or for exchange proposals in all disciplines.

Researchers are invited to a dedicated information session in the afternoon of 20 November at the University of Hong Kong to provide further information about the opportunities provided by Horizon 2020 and the new collaboration scheme.

For detailed information about the Horizon 2020 programme

For information about the collaboration scheme funded by the Research Grants Council, please contact: Ms Daphne Chan

For general information please contact: Paul-Francois Polidori, Press and Information Officer, EU Office to Hong Kong and Macao

publié le 23/11/2015

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