Music workshop from the Renaissance era at King Georges V (29th May) [fr]

On Friday, May 29th, King George V school (ESF network) held a music workshop allowing its students to meet members from the band « Doulce Mémoire », among which was the founder Denis Raisin Dardre.

Through this workshop, members of the band of Doulce Mémoire invited these high school pupils from Hong Kong to discover the music listened to by the great minds of the Renaissance such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michel-Ange, Rabelais or François Ist, as well as discover the musical instruments used at the time, a time of discovery, invention, travel and creativity.


If the musicians greatly impressed the students by their artistic, historical and musical knowledge, the students too impressed the musicians by their level of preparation, implication and capacity to adapt to different and remotely known rhythms.


Structured as both a French and music lesson, the workshop ended with a "tourdion" sang in French by the students, accompanied by the musicians of the Doulce Mémoire band.


publié le 16/06/2015

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