Music without borders [fr]

The Residence de France welcomed young pianist Mohammad Al-Sheih, 2019 winner of the Solange Jospe First Prize at the Young Artist-Voice of Music Competition in Jerusalem.

Organized by Michel Jospe, French citizen and Hong Kong resident, this prize aims to encourage young Israeli classical musicians, offering each year the opportunity for the winner to perform in Hong Kong.

Aged 16, Mohammad Al-Sheih has an atypical profile. Born in Russia to a Palestinian father and a Russian mother, he now lives in Ramallah, in the Palestinian Territories. His passion for music leads him almost every day, after his classes, to cross the border to study at the Institute of Music of Jerusalem. Having started music only seven years ago, he is an example of perseverance and he seduced the Hong Kong public by its technicality and personal style during his various performances.

Through his own experience, Mohammad Al-Sheih perfectly embodies the unifying power of music, which transcends borders, and we wish him a successful career.

The Consulate General wishes to express its sincere thanks to "Tom Lee Music" for making this event possible, with a magnificent piano made available to the young artist.

publié le 10/10/2019

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