Master Erasmus Mundus MaMaSELF: Master in Materials Science Exploring Large Scale Facilities [fr]

Mamaself is a 2 year full time Master proposing a high level course in Material science, physics, chemistry with strong relation to the Large Scale Facilities.

This Master is the result of the collaboration between five Universities:

  • University Rennes 1, (France, coordinating institution of the program),
  • University of Montpellier (France),
  • Technical University (TUM),
  • Ludwig Maximilian University München (Germany), and
  • University of Torino, (Italy).

MaMaSELF is an international Master proposing courses at these 5 universities in very interesting cities in Europe. This is a great opportunity for students to combine study and discovering Europe. All lectures are given in English, and the atmosphere is really international : a Mamaself class is composed with 2/3 Non-European students and 1/3 European students. The students appreciate the structure of the program with 3 key events :

  • 1) integration week at the beginning of the program,
  • 2) two-week Summerschool, and
  • 3) Mamaself status meeting organised at the top of a mountain in Switzerland with our partner the PSI Zurich.

The student will receive at least 2 Master degrees, corresponding to his/her two places of study during the program :

  • each student will spend one year in a first hosting institution,
  • the first semester of the second Master year at another university.
  • The last semester is dedicated to the Master thesis and can be spent at a university or at Large scale Faclities or at a partner institution in USA, Japan, Switzerland, Brazil, India and Russia at our partner institutions.

For online application.

  • Grants for Non-European students:
    The grant for Non-European students is 14.500 € per year. Deadline for application: 30.01.2018. Non-EU students who already spent a year in Europe must apply with the European students, deadline 10.03.2018.
  • Grants for European students:
    In the framework of the Erasmus Mundus programme, European students can apply for an scholarship of 10.000€ per year. Deadline for application is 10.03.2018.

For more information on the website.

Click on the poster to download the leaflet.


publié le 10/10/2017

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