Marennes Oléron Oysters and Chablis Wine Pairing in Hong Kong (9 Sep) [fr]

In the prestigious Pool House of Grand Hyatt Hong Kong on 9 September 2015, 7 Marennes Oléron oyster farmers showcased their oysters together with exceptional Chablis wines, presented by BIVB (The Bourgogne Wine Board).

Organised by Business France, this B2B event began with a presentation about the history and varieties of the oysters and wines to some twenty journalists invited. The specific, “natural” pairing between Marennes Oléron and Chablis was also introduced. Afterwards, some 100 professionals including importers, distributors and restaurateurs, tasted and enjoyed the perfect pairing between 4 types of oysters and 6 highlighted Chablis wines at the event.


Furthermore, during the networking, all guests gladly welcomed the new Consul General of France, Mr. Eric Berti, who was impressed by the warm reception of the two distinguished French products in Hong Kong and Macau.

France is the largest supplier of oysters to Hong Kong to date.


JPEGAbout Marennes Oléron Oysters
The Marennes Oléron Oysters Quality Group (GQHMO) is a defense and management organisation. It contributes to the preservation and enhancement of territories, local traditions, know-how as well as the features of the four types of Marennes Oléron oysters. It develops and assists in applying the product specifications, and also dedicates to the implementation of control and inspection plans.


JPEG About Bourgogne Wine Board
Created in 1989, the Bourgogne Wine Board (BIVB), a professional organisation, is the voice of Bourgogne’s wine producers and merchants. The BIVB aims to promote Bourgogne wines in France and abroad and to enhance what makes Bourgogne so unique: its terroir, its men & women, and the winegrowers’ “touch”. The headquarters of the BIVB are located in Beaune and the BIVB has two branches (Mâcon and Chablis).

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publié le 18/09/2015

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