Lumières Hong Kong is looking for Artistic proposals ! [fr]

“光 · 影 · 香港夜 / Lumières Hong Kong”, which aims to illuminate Hong Kong with an inspiring array of multi-discipline installations projected across some of the city’s most iconic landmarks, has launched the call for artistic proposals.



Inspired by the world-renowned event in Lyon, France, “La Fête des Lumières” (The Festival of Lights), “光 · 影 · 香港夜 / Lumières Hong Kong” aims to illuminate Hong Kong with an inspiring array of multi-discipline installations projected across some of the city’s most iconic landmarks. Accompanied by performance, sound and audience interaction, the Festival will provide a truly global platform for visual artists to showcase their talents in projection and lighting effect.

Tentatively scheduled for the evenings of 18-20th November, 2016, the 3-day event will be conceived as a veritable promenade for the audience to immerse themselves in. Walking amongst the installations, followed by parades and performances (which can pay tribute to local heritages and future prospects), the Festival is a very public, multi-sensory experience.

10 iconic heritage buildings and sites in Central district have been identified to receive light projections and installations, among them 5 are open for artistic proposals.

The themes and contents of the Festival are related to Hong Kong’s local culture, history, heritage, and enhancing and promoting unique local talents. The Festival provides the ideal vehicle for the local public to re-discover the city, under a different light, as well as a world-class attraction for tourists to experience the singularities and attractiveness of the territory. Promotion of Hong Kong innovation, modernity, creativity and local talents are also strongly encouraged as part of the contents, to bridge past and future of the city.


The Association was founded in 1986 as a non-profit charitable institution, with the aim of organising cultural events across Hong Kong. Its main achievement is the Le French May Arts Festival, created in 1993, which is still ongoing. With more than 120 events spanning two months, Le French May is the most diversified festival in Asia; from exhibitions and performances to cinema and gastronomy, the Festival is a cultural platform that showcases the finest art forms and cultural exchanges.

All the documentation, written and graphic, shall be sent by email and in editable format to the following address:, with «Lumières Hong Kong – Call For Artistic Proposals» as the subject.

Deadline for submission: midnight on 3rd of July

Each of the documents should be named as following:
LUM_Name of the venue_Name Of the artist_Name of the document
For example: LUM_Tai Kwun_ John Lee_ Technical overview

Attached visuals should be in 16:9 ratio, watermarked with the name of the creative team. All the visuals will need to be submitted in compressed zip format.

For enquiries, please address to

Please click below to access the details of the «call for artistic proposal» regarding the project.

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