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As a part of « Novembre Numérique » (« Digital November ») events, LingoZing workshop took place at Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) on November 30. LingoZing, an educational, fun application for promotion of French language learning via comic strips, has been the main component of this workshop.

Participants at this workshop were around 20 students from Department of Government and International Studies at Hong Kong Baptist University. During this workshop, they took a closer look at the comics works of Julien Berjeaut, Jul, a French comics strip artist


Students examined the comic series « Silex and the city » throughout the workshop, and they had the opportunity to understand more about the contextual use of French language vocabulary items and phrases. Comic strips is indeed a powerful learning and teaching tool in classrooms. As puns and humour are often involved in comic strips, they are popular among learners and can often stimulate learners’ interest.

Apart from pedagogical goals, this workshop is one of the integral parts of the « Novembre Numérique » (« Digital November ») , that aims at promoting modern French technological advancements in Hong Kong in terms of culture, education and language.


At the current digital era, digital tools have become essential in our daily lives. Therefore information and communication technology has become a critical part of learning and teaching. With such tools, learners are able to track their own progress of learning and enabling teachers and learners to take on a more well-adapted and personalised goal of learning and pathway.

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publié le 11/12/2017

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