Le French May 2015 Opening Celebrations : Festive French Weekend at PMQ! [fr]

Le French May 2015 is coming soon! Under the theme of “Essentially French”, this arts festival will mark its launch on 1 May (Friday) at PMQ with a 3-day celebration held in its Courtyard, together with the exhibition of “Wipe Out” by Invader. Hosting an open-air street party in the traditional French style of “bal populaire” (public dancing) to share the excitement, members of the general public are invited to join the celebration, spending an art-fun fusion weekend across art exhibition, music performance, animation, movie trailer preview, video game and gastronomy. Start off the beautiful May with an enjoyable touch of French!


Programme Details

Opening Celebrations
Date 1 - 3 May 2015 (Fri-Sun)
Opening hours 11am – 10pm (1 – 2 May), 11am – 7pm (3 May)
Venue PMQ Courtyard
Entrance fee Free admission
Art Exhibition
Title “Wipe Out: Famous Street Artist Invader”
Dates 2 - 17 May 2015 (Sat-Sun)
Opening Hours 10am to 8pm
Venue Qube, 2/F, PMQ
Entrance Fee Free admission


Music Performance

1 & 2 May 2015: every hour during 3pm – 9pm
3 May 2015: 2:30pm, 4pm, 5:30pm

- Jo Bithume Company Brass Band performs in the purest tradition of French walking brass bands with a joyful quintet of brass and percussion.

- Lions for Lions proposes a powerful saxophone/trombone/drum trio whose music is highly influenced by rock and free jazz.

- Go Girls! is a female acappella quartet that rocks, swings and lulls in a variety of moods with a repertoire ranging from Bobby McFerrin to Nino Ferrer.

- TWGHs Yow Kam Yuen College Orchestra will collaborate with Jo Bithume Company for a musical performance for the whole family on Sunday.

Animation and movie trailers

- Discover the best of French Animation through a selection of creative and fascinating short films from the Parisian school of visual arts, Les Gobelins.

- Capturing the vitality of contemporary French cinema, Le French May cinema programme showcases work from newly discovered directors, short films and introduces up-and-coming actors and actresses currently lightening up the screens. Movie and TV Series trailers will be shown at the courtyard during the Festive French Weekend.

Video Game

- During the 3 day-event, the audience can enjoy an outdoor video game experience, exclusively designed for Le French May 2015 by the French team Visionaries 777.

- In this multi-player trivia game with character interactions, participants are invited to learn about Le French May programmes in a fun and challenging way! The game is accessible on all smartphones.

Food and Beverage Market

- As a tradition, food and drinks are a major part of street and outdoor celebrations in France. The “French Market” will include several selected Le French GourMay - Hong Kong partners, e.g. Monsieur CHATTÉ (cheeses and French delicacies); La Cabane a Vin (cheeses, wines and coldcuts); M&C Asia (French seafood); Stan Cafe (cheeses, wines and coldcuts); Maison Eric Kayser - Caine Road (pastries, bread and sandwiches); Henri France (Armagnac cocktails) and Kronenbourg 1664 (French beers).

Art exhibition

2 - 17 May 2015: 10am – 8pm

- “Wipe Out” by Invader


French artist Invader is internationally known for his pixelated mosaic “space invaders” which he has placed in over 60 cities around the world for almost 20 years. In January 2014, the artist launched the third wave of his “invasion” in Hong Kong 13 years after he first hit the city. The works showed a significant evolution, displaying characters from local culture and classic cartoons, but still in the artist’s signature pixel aesthetic. Nearly 90% of his artworks were wiped out from the walls of the city within a few weeks. Named after this strange undertaking, the exhibition will restore Invader’s creative universe with pieces from the recent Hong Kong invasion, along with never-before seen videos, new LED artworks, and new monumental sculptures.

publié le 24/04/2015

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