Le French May [fr]

Created in 1993, Le French May is one of the largest cultural events in Asia. Dedicated to the cultural exchanges between Hong Kong and France, the festival attracted over 5 million participants since its inception.

With more than 120 events in two months, Le French May is the most diversified festival in Asia: from exhibitions to performances, from cinema to gastronomy, Le French May is a cultural platform to discover the finest arts forms, from the purest classical to the latest contemporary creations.

Le French May is striving to reach the widest audience: presenting all arts forms, the festival wishes to be part of the daily life, from public spaces to shopping malls, from the streets to the racecourse.

As a bridge between East and West, Le French May is actively collaborating with the local arts scene to create specific programmes featuring the best blend of our cultural differences. The festival is also part of the community: through outreach programmes, students schemes, educational tours, workshops, masterclasses, Le French May puts important resources on education and art pedagogy.

For 22 years, from May to June, Le French May is the annual event for the arts contributing to promote Hong Kong as Asia’s World City.

Please visit the website of Le French May: http://www.frenchmay.com/.

publié le 24/01/2014

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