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Le French May Arts Festival co-presents the first Hong Kong 48h VR Jam, from the 3rd to the 5th of May with the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau and Wonda VR, in association with the Hong Kong Arts Centre, and supported by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust.

There is an ongoing revolution in film and storytelling. The ability to create new forms of production, immersive pictures and stories, increase opportunities in all areas of creation (fiction, documentaries, education, home entertainment, etc…
On the occasion of this VR Jam, we are inviting all stakeholders, young professionals and students in university and high schools to come together and share their insights, concerns, needs, vision, through a VR creativity session.

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The 48h VR Project is an original hackathon concept: it invites
creative content makers to write, shoot, edit, and distribute a
Cinematic VR experience in less than 48 hours!
Using a proven workshop methodology coupled with both the use of
innovative software and tools like Wonda VR and an award-winning
team of experts, The 48h VR Project aims at empowering a diverse
community of creatives to explore the future of cinema in VR.
Covering all continents and cultures, it has the potential to gather
filmmakers, storytellers from New York City to Singapore around the
same passion for filmmaking and innovative use of technologies at
the service of storytelling and understanding between cultures.
Ultimately, the 48h Project ambitions to gather more than 300
participants to its workshop world series and share its outcome with a
larger community of 1,000,000 filmmakers, teachers and marketers
via its dedicated mobile app and communication plan.
Why Now?
Thanks to considerable investments made recently in the field of VR
and 360° video cameras, we are now seeing a major technological
revolution happening in front of us which seems to be bound to
transform the way we tell and share cinematic and interactive stories.
Yet, this technological revolution still remains in the hand of a happy
few, leaving a large community of filmmakers and creative
storytellers behind.



(Deadline for submissions: April the 20th 2017)
Instructions for submission
The VR Jam “Institut français – WondaVR” is open to all the creative professionals from:
- The audiovisual and the medias (film directors, sound and image technicians …),
- The performing arts (authors, theatre directors, choreographers, scenographers…),
- The digital (developers, graphist artists, game designers…),
- The artistic world (artists, curators, cultural mediation professionals…)
- The industrial trends (Information and communication technologies, brand content, tourism, robotics, aeronautics…)

It is also aimed at teachers, students and researchers who wish to initiate themselves to the conception and the creation of films in VR.
Dates and deadlines
April, 6th
Call for participation
April, 20th
Deadline of submission
April, 21th
Selection of participants by the jury and email confirmation

VR jam schedule 2017
Day 1 (9am)
Kick-off meeting, team presentation, first writing and storyboarding
Day 2
End of storyboarding and shooting – first editing version
Day 3
Editing end of post-production

Registration terms and conditions
- Free Registration (catering expenses not covered)
- You can apply as a team but each candidate will have to fill up and submit the form before April 20th of 2017.
- Each candidate will have to fill up and submit the form before April, the 20th 2017.
- A jury “organizers and partners” will make the selection of 15 participants.
- Only individual participants for individual participants team will be composed by the jury, based on profiles.
- Materials will be provided by the organization : VR masks, headsets, cameras, mic and editing software license – the participant should provide his laptop.
- All content produced during the session belong to the organizers and each member of the team.
- Organizers and partners of the « HK 48h VR Jam » are able to broadcast and integrate this content on line support or within apps - names and copyrights must be mentionned.

Contacts and coordinators of the program

WondaVR Jam coordination:
.Laura Baudot :
Consulate General of France - Audiovisual Officer:
. Souraya Kessaria
Le French May Arts Festival - Education and outreach Programmes:
. Mandy Chung
Hong Kong Arts Centre:
.Teresa Kwong and Roxane Tsui


About Le French May Arts Education Outreach

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Through its outreach programmes, student schemes, educational tours, workshops, masterclasses and free performances, the Festival strives to reach the widest possible audience and contribute to the education of younger generations.

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