[Business France] 7 Jan: Launch of the 4th “Grand Prix V.I.E.” Hong Kong [fr]

The 4th edition of “Grand Prix V.I.E.” Hong Kong, or the “V.I.E. French International Internship Programme Awards”, was launched successfully on 7 January 2016 at the French Residence in Hong Kong, in the presence of representatives from CCE (French Foreign Trade Advisors) in Hong Kong, Business France – Hong Kong Office, Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau, and around 50 current V.I.E. interns.

M. Eric Berti, Consul général de France à Hong Kong et Macao
M. Frédéric Guiral, Président de la section Hong Kong des CCE
Mme. Mélanie Gaudin, Directrice du bureau de Business France à Hong Kong
Mme Alice Lopin, ancienne VIE, Apple Store Leader actuellement à Hong Kong
M. Eric Berti,M. Frédéric Guiral,Mme. Mélanie Gaudin,Mme Alice Lopin

Following the success of previous editions, the CCEs, directors and executives of the French business community and host organizations of the V.I.E. programme, together with Business France, the national agency for the international development of French economy and administrative body of the V.I.E. programme, have jointly organized the “Grand Prix V.I.E.” for the 4th time in order to highlight the diversity of internships and the quality of young V.I.E. interns in Hong Kong. To make the Awards happen, we especially address our heartfelt gratitude to our sponsors and partners including BNP Paribas, Crédit Agricole – CIB, Dragages Hong Kong, Natixis, Société Générale – CIB, AGS, Calvin Klein, Classic Fine Foods, Hong Kong Tramways, Pernod Ricard Asia and Filmages.

Other than the regulations and application procedures of the Awards, the cocktail reception was also the occasion to remind the audience the significance of the V.I.E. programme since its launch in 2000. For French companies, it has become an important means of internationalization in the global markets. As for young professionals, it represents a springboard for their career, considering 80% of V.I.E. interns find a job within 4 months after their internship.

The 4th “Grand Prix V.I.E.” is opened for application until 1 March 2016. The best candidates will be selected among 4 categories: « Prix PME-ETI (SME and Mid-Market Companies Award) », « Prix Grand Groupe (Large Corporations Award) », « Prix Secteur Institutions Financières (Financial Institutions’ Sector Award) » et « Prix du Jury (Jury’s Award) ».

The jury of the Awards is composed of CCEs for the written part, and extended to representatives of Business France, FCCIHK (French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Hong Kong), and one of the laureates of the 3rd edition of the Awards in 2013. The “Grand Prix V.I.E.” awards ceremony will take place on 25 April 2016.

- More details about the “Grand Prix V.I.E.” Awards, please consult the official website (in French): http://grandprixviehongkong.cnccef.org

- Application Kit (in French) :

PDF - 1.6 Mb
(PDF - 1.6 Mb)
V.I.E., or the “French International Internship Programme”

V.I.E., the “French International Internship Programme”, aims at reinforcing the international development of French companies by facilitating their recruitment of young graduates. For young professionals, it represents an opportunity to obtain a training experience abroad.

This programme allows French companies and their subsidiaries or business partners abroad, to recruit a young French or European aged 18 to 28, for a professional assignment in a foreign country for a flexible period of 6 to 24 months, renewable once within 2 years.

In 2015, China is the 5th host country for V.I.E. interns worldwide. Hong Kong is the first city in China which receives 281 V.I.E. interns out of 607 in Greater China (46%), who work in 92 companies in Hong Kong of various sectors.

First Sectors of Recruitment of V.I.E. Interns in Hong Kong (as of December 2015)
SectorsNo. of V.I.E.No. of Companies
Finance and Insurance 125 11
Construction, Public Works, Infrastructures 50 7
Agriculture Products and Food Industry 25 19
Services, Training, Teaching, Human Resources 16 13
Fashion, Textile, Children’s Products 15 8
IT services and Telecommunications 12 9
Wholesale and Retail Sales 10 2

According to the specific needs of each company, a wide range of missions can be assigned to V.I.E. interns: market studies, business development, backing the local teams, contract follow-up, market follow-up, etc. Every V.I.E. intern is a motivated, bilingual university graduate – 82% of them have a Master’s degree, and 45% are business schools’ or engineering schools’ graduates. The administration of the V.I.E. programme is flexible and simplified at an accessible cost.

- To know more about recruiting V.I.E. interns, please contact the V.I.E. Programme Coordinator, Ms. Sherman HONG (T: +852 3752 9100 / sherman.hong@businessfrance.fr)

Role and Mission of CCEs, French Foreign Trade Advisors

Selected for their competence and their international experience, the ’Conseillers du Commerce extérieur de la France’ (CCE - French Foreign Trade Advisors) are appointed for three years through a prime ministerial decree, on the recommendations of the Minister for Foreign Trade.

For more than 115 years, on a voluntary basis, they have been placing their experience at the service of France’s economic presence around the world. As directors of export companies and executives at large companies, they place their practical knowledge of international markets at the service of SMEs and young people. They have a special working relationship with local and consular authorities and with professional bodies which promote foreign trade and the appeal of France.

CCEs form an active network of over 4,300 members in more than 146 countries, with more than 120 members present in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

- More information about the CCEs: hongkong.cnccef.org or www.cnccef.org


Official Website of “Grand Prix V.I.E.” Hong Kong

V.I.E. Contact
Ms. Sherman HONG
V.I.E. Programme Coordinator
Business France - Hong Kong Office
Email : sherman.hong@businessfrance.fr
Tel : +852 3752 9100

Media Contact
Mr. Grégory SEITZ
General Manager, AGS Four Winds Hong Kong
Member of CCE – Section Hong Kong
Email : hongkong@cnccef.org
Tel : +852 2885 9666

publié le 29/01/2016

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