Kering open-sources Environmental Profit and Loss Account methodology to catalyse corporate natural capital accounting [fr]

Kering released the results of its pioneering Environmental Profit and Loss Account (E P&L) today, measuring its environmental footprint in its own operations and across the Group’s supply chains and valuing it in monetary terms. Further, Kering has published its E P&L methodology in order to provide an open-source tool to encourage other corporations to understand their entire impact on natural capital. Kering is sharing this work to support the development of corporate accounting of natural capital, and the Natural Capital Protocol, a cross-sector industry initiative developing a global methodology for environmental accounting.

Through the E P&L, Kering has analysed the impact on natural capital from raw materials to the delivery of products to its customers, including logistics and stores. This assessment deepens the understanding of its activities, providing visibility so as to enable better decision-making. In doing so, a company increases its ability to reduce its impact, and also to respond to drivers of change in the supply chain, including fluctuations in raw material quality and availability.

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Kering press release Environmental Profit and Loss 19.05.2015.
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publié le 20/12/2016

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