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KADALYS of France is a highly innovative anti-ageing brand specialising in organic cosmetic products incorporating the unique anti-ageing benefits of Banana tree active ingredients into a proven formula.

Under the French Pavilion organised by Business France, the French national agency for international business development, at Cosmoprof Asia (Hong Kong) on 11 – 13 November 2015, Kadalys (Booth No. 1EF6D) skincare brand is seeking distributors in Asia, especially China.

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Ground-breaking: Active Ingredients from Banana Trees

Kadalys is the first natural cosmetic brand with French banana tree anti-oxidants. It combines traditional know-how with the latest scientific innovations to create unique, anti-ageing cosmetic active ingredients which preserve youth and enhance all natural beauties.

Kadalys is owned by SHB SAS, a French-based company specialising in cosmetics created by Shirley Billot in 2011. SHB SAS runs operations in Martinique (in the French West Indies) and in Paris (in mainland France). The company specialises in researching and developing new active ingredients inspired by Creole medicine, the traditional medicine of the Caribbean region. SHB SAS has acquired particular expertise in the beauty benefits of active ingredients extracted from the banana tree.

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For centuries, banana tree - Kadali in Sanskrit - has been providing not just food to men, but also feeding their imagination… Indeed Kadali is the embodiment of Lakshmi - the goddess of beauty for some, and the symbol of lost paradise for others. Called “the herb of a thousand uses”, this benevolent giant plant holds a special place in the traditional medicine of the French Caribbean islands where it is used externally for its cosmetics properties: soothing, healing and revitalizing.

Traditional Practice x Scientific Research

After being initiated into the traditional practices of Caribbean medicine from an early age by her mother, Shirley Billot decided to found Kadalys as a way of combining her desire to highlight ancestral banana tree cosmetic practices with a passion for botanical research. As a result, Shirley launched a dedicated research program to study the exceptional anti-ageing power of banana trees, thus scientifically proving that the herb is naturally rich in minerals, vitamins, phytosterols and polyphenols, which give it extraordinary anti-ageing properties.

After three years of R&D, Kadalys launches in 2016 two new active ingredients, which concentrate the extraordinary whitening and soothing properties. 100% natural and has been certified organic by ECOCERT.

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All Kadalys’s anti-ageing active ingredients and products have clinically proven results: Anti-ageing, Repair, Firmness, Perfection, Radiance, Revitalisation, Moisturization, Brightening, Soothing.

KADALYS – Award-Winning Cosmetic Products

Since its launch in September 2012, Kadalys has enjoyed considerable coverage in the French media, has been multi-awarded its first years of existence, and obtained eight beauty awards.

Firstly, the quality of Kadalys’ products was recognised by the Victoire de la Beauté Awards, the most prestigious prize in France in the cosmetics industry, with five different products — in 2013/2014 MUSACLEAN peeling, Green Banana Nutritive oil and MUSALIS first wrinkles serum, in 2014/2015 MUSALIFT Day cream, Yellow Banana Radiance Oil. Kadalys’ cosmetic products were praised for their texture, perfume and efficiency.

Secondly, Kadalys’ products won two Beauty Challenger Awards at “Cosmeeting Paris”: the Press Favourite Award and the Emerging Brand Award. Highly valued by industry players and specialists, the Awards were selected by a jury of international subscribers looking out for innovation, originality and novelty.

And in 2015/2016: two prizes in the "Guide to the best Cosmetics 2015-2016" by the Observatory of Cosmetic, for the formulation quality of BANANA LIP BALM and MUSALIFT Day cream.

Whole Range of Products: Brightening – Anti Age – Soothing

(1) MUSCALEAN The essentials to preserve and maintain the youthful radiance of skin and clean it thoroughly without irritation or stress. The perfect preparation stage before applying Kadalys’ anti-ageing skincare.
• Make-up remover Gel-Oil
• Cleansing Gel
• Clarifying Lotion
• Peeling Exfoliant
• Purifying Mask

(2) HYDRAMUSE This range is formulated for thirsty, dehydrated skin, providing soothing and long lasting moisturization. Complexions appear fresh and radiant.

(3) MUSALIS A routine around the benefits of Green Banana Musactif®, it helps prevent the appearance of the first signs of ageing: Serum, day cream, night cream.

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(4) MUSALIFT A routine around the benefits of Yellow Banana Musactif® promotes the regeneration and restructuring of skin: Serum, day cream, night cream

(5) PLEASURE AND NUTRITION Multipurpose care formulated to improve the skin’s barrier function and nourish body, face, hair and lips.
• Precious Oil Nutritive with Green Banana
• Precious Oil Sublime with Green Banana (Shimmering)
• Precious Oil Radiance with Yellow Banana
• Banana Lip Balm with Yellow Banana

(6) Soon 2016: a new brightening range

**For more information: www.kadalys.com

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