Jean Vigo’s masterpiece at the HKIFF Cine Fan [fr]

This month, the HK Cine Fan presents in its "Top 20 Must-See" category « L’Atalante », the unique and remarkable feature film of Jean Vigo, died at 29 years old.

A young bargeman’s wife (Dita Parlo) is fed up with her dreary life on the barge, "l’Atalante". She takes off attracted to the bright city life, leaving her husband (Jean Dasté) in deep despair, only to return to a cruelly disappointed woman. The quiet happiness of their life with Jules the old bargeman (Michel Simon, «Boudu Saved from Drowning ») resumes its course.

Music score by Maurice Jaubert.


Despite that his work don’t reached 200 minutes, Jean Vigo has been a great source of inspiration for many filmmakers. Often mentioned by the “Nouvelle Vague”, he is especially admired by François Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard.

(Re)discover the film on Saturday, February 8 at 2:30pm and Saturday, February 15 at 9:45pm @Hong Kong Arts Centre agnès b. Cinema.
Post-screening talk with Wong Ain-ling on February 8.

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publié le 24/01/2014

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