"Invest in France" seminar in Hong Kong [fr]

As part of "Invest in France month", Consul general Eric Berti hosted a seminar about the investment attractiveness of France on October 16, 2015.

France is still a rather unknown destination for Hong Kong-based investors. However, the second largest economy in continental Europe combines resources to succeed in the future such as being a springboard to expand on European and African markets, a skilled and cost-competitive labor force, and a favorable environment for innovation. In stark contrast with lingering clichés abroad, France has long been a fully-fledged player in the global economy and is committed to structural reforms to boost its competitiveness. Mr. WANG Yeming (Huawei) and Mr. Luc-François SALVADOR (Capgemini) will join us to share their experience and views about why France is a top destination for foreign investment.

JPEGConsul general Eric Berti

PNGM. Wang Yeming

JPEGM. Luc-François Salvador

"They chose France", testimonials from international decision-makers in a wide range of business sectors.
PDF - 2.1 Mb
(PDF - 2.1 Mb)
"France: an attractive investment location"
PDF - 297.1 kb
(PDF - 297.1 kb)
"Why invest in France?"
PDF - 364.8 kb
(PDF - 364.8 kb)

For more information about the economic attractiveness of France, please click here.

The "Créative France" campaign was launched to boost the growth of French companies abroad, strengthen the country’s business appeal with investors and generally build a positive image of France as a place for doing business.

For more information about the "Créative France" campaign, please click here.

publié le 27/10/2015

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