Introduction of Champagne wine official e-learning tool in Hong Kong [fr]

Le Comité Champagne (CIVC) has recently announced the launch of “Champagne campus”, an e-learning tool aims to help Champagne lovers to explore the world of Champagne wine.


Vincent Perrin, Directeur Général du CIVC

To further intrigue the consumers in Hong Kong and increase their knowledge of Champagne, CIVC has unveiled this education tool at a press luncheon held on May 14 at Brasserie on the Eighth (Conrad), with the Champagne wine glasses sponsored by Riedel.


Lancement de « Champagne campus »

Le Comité Champagne chooses Hong Kong to introduce its e-learning tool for the geographical significance of Hong Kong which is the gateway to the mainland China. China is now the fifth largest Champagne market outside the European Union, it has recognized and been protecting the geographical indication Champagne since 2013.


publié le 18/05/2015

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