Internship (students) - Short stay [fr]

It is mandatory to obtain an appointment online to apply for a visa. Application time slots are between 8:30 and 12:30 from Monday to Friday.

On scheduled interview, applicants must come in person with their passport and all original documents, with a complete set of photocopies. The Consulate won’t do any photocopies and it won’t be possible to complete your application later.

All documents submitted to the visa department have to be written in French or English. If not, they have to be accompanied by a certified translation.

Please pay close attention to the list of required documents. An incomplete application leads to the visa being refused. Application fees are non-refundable.

NOTE: This page is relevant for students who take up an internship in a company in France, which is included in the course of their studies in their country of residence. For other interns or trainees (employees, medical professions, nurses, civil servants), you can contact us.

Samples of internship agreements (for information purpose only):
- Internship agreement for a student

Documents required (up to 90 days):

- 1 short-stay visa application form duly completed and signed (available to download or at the Consulate General)
- 1 colour ID photograph, passport size with white background (35x45mm) (example)
- Valid passport (more than 3 months after the date of return from the journey) + 1 copy of the identity page
- 1 copy of the Hong Kong and / or Macau ID Card
- 1 copy of the Hong Kong and / or Macau visa valid for 1 month after the date of return from the trip
- 1 copy of your internship agreement ("convention de stage") signed by you, your university and the company in France
- 1 letter from your university detailing your current studies and authorizing you to take up the internship in France
- 1 copy of your last 3 months bank statements or bankbook of bank in Hong Kong / Macau
- If you are financially supported by your parents: 1 copy of your birth certificate + 1 financial guarantee form + 1 copy of your parents’ last 3 months bank statements or bankbook
- 1 copy of your accommodation in France, valid for your whole stay
- 1 copy of insurance for the Schengen area (medical expenses, coverage for at least 30 000 EUR, hospitalization, repatriation and personal liability) valid for the whole stay with details of the coverage
- 1 copy of your return airline ticket or confirmed booking

Other documents may be requested on a case by case basis.

Processing time : click here

CAUTION: between mid-April and late July getting an appointment can take up to one month.

Note: we cannot issue a visa more than 3 months before your departure date.

publié le 10/03/2017

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