International Zika Summit 2016 (Institut Pasteur)



To bring together scientists and public health professionals around the world working on Zika. The speed and extent of this outbreak, which the WHO declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, requires open collaborations between researchers, the public health community and the public. This meeting will provide a venue for open such discussions.



o Molecular and serologic diagnostics for Zika virus
o Virus-host interactions
o Animal models
o Mother to fetus transmission


Epidemiology and Clinical

o Surveillance activities in affected countries
o Clinical manifestations of Zika
o Zika in pregnant women
o Risk factors for neurologic conditions

Intervention and Control

o Antivirals
o Vaccines
o Vector Control
o Modeling

The conference will be open to all. Online registration mandatory.
The organizers reserve the right to close without notice the « online registration » when the number of participants will reach the maximum capacity of the venue. Please note that the maximum capacity of the auditorium is 529 seats.

Centre d’Information Scientifique (CIS)

The International Research Centre in Paris of the Institut Pasteur, organizes scientific, medical congresses and meetings on various themes all year long.
The Scientific Information Centre includes the Conference Centre, the "Auditorium" with adjacent rooms for coffee breaks and posters.

Finally, a specific catering service allows lunches to be served in a dedicated space for congresses, the "Espace Congrès".

Note: For safety reasons, minors below the age of 16 years are not allowed onto the Pasteur Campus

Organized by:

- Institut Pasteur
- The French REACTing Group (Inserm, IRD)
- World Health Organization
- Wellcome Trust
- The European Commission

Find out more information in the International Zika Summit 2016 website.

publié le 19/12/2016

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