International Conference on Underwater Sciences, Technology and Education in Hong Kong [fr]

The International Conference on Underwater Sciences, Technology and Education (ICUSTE) will be held from the 19th to 22nd Aug, 2015 at the the City University of Hong Kong.


It will be co-organized by the Division of Earth Sciences of the National Natural Foundation of China (NSFC), State Key Laboratory in Marine Pollution (SKLMP) and School of Veterinary Medicine of City University of Hong Kong. This conference will be structured for some invited key presentations, a larger than normal focus on poster presentations, and a considerable time for breakout discussions on key topics.


The aims of the ICUSTE are to promote academic exchange and collaboration in marine environmental science, enhance the awareness of marine environmental protection, facilitate the sustainable use of marine resources, elevate underwater research and exploration capabilities, develop marine innovative research, and educate industry in the greater China region.

The conference will cover interdisciplinary topics of significance with the theme “Tools for Ocean Research”. These discussion highlights and perspectives from the conference may help to guide the research community and funding organizations towards more rapid advancement in the application of advanced underwater research tools and technologies to understand our oceans.

The French Dr Nicolas Duprey a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Swire Institute of Marine Science of the University of Hong Kong will present his works on "Stable N isotopes reveal the sources of nitrogen affecting Hong Kong’s coral communities".

More information about the ICUSTE conference :

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(PDF - 2.1 Mb)


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