Increase of the France / Hong Kong Working Holiday Scheme quota [fr] [中文]

Starting from January 1st, 2016, the quota will increase from 400 to 500 per year. Applying is easy and knowledge of French language is not mandatory, so don’t miss this chance to discover France and experience an unforgettable journey!

What is it exactly?

The Working Holiday Visa is a 1-year holiday ticket in one of the partner country of the scheme. The idea is to discover a foreign country, experience, learn foreign languages in a very comfortable way… So just make things happen!

You’re a Hong Kong resident? You’re between 18 and 30 years old? You’re motivated like no one else to visit France? You’re single, with no child? Bring your resume, your cover letter, your insurance proof… and just make sure that you’ll be able to cover your costs at the beginning of your adventure and apply now for this scheme!

What about funding your trip?

In order to enjoy your holidays, to be totally involved in the local culture and to adapt to a new way of life, you have to support yourself… That is the reason why “working” has been included in the scheme. In other words, you will be able to both enjoy holidays and cultural discoveries and gain work-experience. A maximum of 6-months work for the same employer is allowed, so that you can fund your stay.

So, why won’t you take this chance?

Only a few French words would be useful to be understood at the beginning of the trip… Don’t be afraid, take the chance, leave your everyday life to experience this extraordinary adventure. After that, you will be full of memories, human and professional rewarding experiences.

There are now 500 visas available per year which might go really fast, so choose your fate and take your chance!

For more information about the procedure, please click here: :

If you want to get a brief outline of what a working-holiday scheme really is, watch:

publié le 29/12/2015

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