Hong Kong comics at the 44th Angoulême International Comics Festival in France [fr] [中文]

From 26th to 29th January 2017, 8 cartoonists from Hong Kong are participating at the 44th Angoulême International Comics Festival in France with the theme of “The Pitch of Tension–Hong Kong Comics Power”. This annual festival is known as the most important festival in the comics world in Europe.


This novel foreign art and cultural exchange project aims at promoting Hong Kong action comics, bringing this sensual excitement to the international scene. There will be an exhibition showing short action related comics, related creation and products by Hong Kong comics artists of different generations and styles and also interview videos of local industry players, revealing the process of creating traditional Hong Kong comics. A group of Hong Kong comics artists and comics publisher/promoter are invited to travel to Angoulême and meet avid readers and professional practitioners from all over the world at the exhibition.

The eight participating Hong Kong comics artists are : Jerry CHO, Felix IP, Elphonso LAM, Kwong-shing LAU, LITTLE CLOUD, Pen SO, Sam TSE, Kent YUEN.
Martial art comics has been the core of traditional Hong Kong comics. With its sensations and excitement, it has a significant readership in town.

The exhibition « The Pitch of Tension–Hong Kong Comics Power » will be brought back to Hong Kong for exhibition between July and August this year for local public’s appreciation.

For more information about the participating Hong Kong Comics Artists and the festival

publié le 01/02/2017

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