Hong Kong Research Grants Council Collaboration Scheme [fr]

On 19 April 2018, the Hong Kong Research Grants Council (RGC) launched the invitation for applications (2018/19-I) under the European Commission (EC) / Research Grants Council (RGC) Collaboration Scheme for research and innovation 2018/19.

The collaboration scheme aims to foster EU-Hong Kong collaboration in academic research and to support the participation of researchers in universities funded by the University Grants Committee (UGC) in Hong Kong in joint research projects conducted under the framework of Horizon 2020. A budget of HK$9 million (or 1 million euro) is intended for the 2018/19 exercise, subject to approval of the RGC in June 2018.
Hong Kong partners in a successful proposal submitted under Horizon 2020 work programme 2018-20 calls can apply.

The call covers both basic and applied research projects through "research project proposals" in science disciplines (viz biology and medicine, engineering and physical sciences) and "exchange proposals" in all disciplines. Applications should include a summary of the proposal submitted to the EC and research work undertaken by the Hong Kong team, to be signed by the coordinator of the Horizon 2020 project and the EC’s official notification of the proposals being funded. Applications should be submitted through the Research Offices of the Hong Kong applicants’ universities to the RGC by 5 July 2018 17:00h (Hong Kong time).
The project duration should normally be not more than 5 years. The project duration proposed by the Hong Kong PI should not be longer than that of the concerned Horizon 2020 project. The per-project ceiling of RGC’s research project grants and exchange grants are HK$3 million and HK$0.5 million (both excluding on-costs) respectively.

Evaluation of proposals will be arranged by RGC in accordance with its rules including the extent to which the existing strengths of each side may complement each other in the proposal, opportunities for training young researchers, credentials of project teams, and impact to Hong Kong. The results of the first round of the 2018/19 exercise will be announced around September 2018 at the RGC homepage. The RGC intends to invite applications twice in 2018/19 in the months of April and October 2018 subject to availability of funding.

Details of the call can be found at the official website of RGC

Contact for information on the EC-RGC Collaboration Scheme:
Ms Daphne Chan, Research Grants Council of Hong Kong
Email: jrs@ugc.edu.hk

Local contact point in Hong Kong:
Ms. Patricia Chung, EU Office to Hong Kong and Macao
Email: Patricia.CHUNG@eeas.europa.eu


publié le 26/04/2018

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