Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival from 17/09 to 02/10 [fr]

Each year, the Hong Kong Gay and Lesbian Film Festival puts out ot to the screen the best of LGBT movies. You’ll find here the French movie selection, on screen starting September 17th of 2016 on the Broadway Circuit cinemas.

This year, 4 French movies have been selected, ammongst which you will find Summertimes by Catherine Corsini, as closing film :

CLOSING FILM - Summertimes (La Belle Saison) by Catherine Corsini (2015) :
It’s 1971, Delphine, the daughter of farmers, moves to Paris to break free from the shackles of her family. Carole is a Parisian, actively involved in the stirrings of the feminist movement. Delphine and Carole meet, fall passionately in love with each other turning their lives upside down. Unfortunately Delphine had no choice but to return home when her father suffers a stroke. Carole smitten by Delphine couldn’t stand being separated from her then joins her lover on the farm. However in a small town feminism and lesbianism just isn’t the same as it is in the city, forcing Delphine to make a very hard choice between her lover and her love for the land. This romantic drama has performed well on the festival circuit featuring stunning production design and capturing the beauty of the French regions, an overall very beautiful fine French film. This film won the Variety Piazza Grande Award at Locarno International Film Festival in Switzerland.

Being 17 (quand on a 17 ans) by Andre Techiné (2016) :
Directed by André Téchiné , who brought us the wonderful WILD WEEDS, BEING 17 is a coming-of-age drama that explores the ambiguity of teenage romance. Damien’s father is on a military mission, leaving Damien and his mother behind in the south of France. In school, Damien has to fight against school bullies over his effeminate behavior. One day, he encounters Tom, an adopted son of a farmer. The two dislike each other almost immediately. Despite their hate at first sight, Damien’s mother takes Tom into their home when Tom’s mother has to go to the hospital; the two boys have no choice but to find a way to deal with their feelings towards each other. In competition at the Berlin International Film Festival, André Téchiné once again observes and portrays life of a teenager with great sensibility.

Staying Vertical (Rester Vertical) by Alain Guiraudie (2016) :
French director Alain Guiraudie’s follow-up to his 2013 controversial and daring film STRANGER BY THE LAKE once again shocked the audience at Cannes Film Festival. This wild and dark comedy is a departure from the style of his previous film, the unexpected ending created a jaw-dropping moment for audiences from around the world. Filmmaker Leo meets free-spirited Marie, together, they create a baby. With no confidence in Leo’s future, Marie abandons Leo and the baby, leaving Leo alone with a baby to feed. While struggling to continue his career as a filmmaker, Leo is going to do whatever it takes to survive despite a series of unexpected turns and shocking encounters.

Paris 05:59 (Théo et Hugo) by Olivier Ducastel, Jacques Martineau :
Audience award winner of this year’s Teddy Award at the Berlin International Film Festival, PARIS 05:59 is the most explicit and daring film of the year. Two men, Théo and Hugo meet at a sex club, they are attracted to each other instantly and start to have sex for close to 20 minutes. After they leave the sex club, they start to wander around the streets of Paris until 05:59 am. They have all kinds of conversations ranging from sexual health to the current social situation in Europe. During this real-time interaction, they realize something might be blossoming between the two of them before sunrise.

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