Hong Kong Accueil [fr]

Hong Kong Accueil

For about 20 years, Hong Kong Accueil has the mission to welcome French expats speakers.

HKA is today a non profitable association under Hong Kong law. Voluntary people are dealing with its administration and its functioning.

All year round, HKA organises variety of activities, welcoming gathering by area as well as other numerous events. In order to ease your integration into the (French) HK expats community, you can participate to those activities. You will have answers to all your questions in a relax atmosphere.

HKA is also an active and friendly website, regularly updated in order to inform you of the latest Association news. There is also a daily ads service as well as a permanence at the French Consulate.

Welcome to Hong Kong!

In the neighborhood

Just moved in? Just enrolled your kids in school? All done! Have questions? Need advice? Need a friendly ear to listen to your problems or concerns? Join the HKA Team !

- Neighborhood café:
Hostesses regularly organise neighborhood cafés. They have a list of useful addresses in your area. Get in touch with them, they will be happy to help you. These neighborhood cafés are opened to all (members and non-members) from all areas.

- Website:
You will find a wealth of useful information as well as HKA’s agenda on www.hkaccueil.com.

- Classified Ads (Hong Kong Petites Annonces):
This service helps answer questions that might be bothering you. You can also exchange tips and experience by email.

- HKA at the French Consulate:
Wish to meet a HKA representative directly? HKA is on duly at the Consulate on a Wednesday morning from 10am to 12pm, every three weeks (check out the Consulate or HKA’s website for information). Why don’t you cease this opportunity to subscribe to HKA? The representative will be very pleased to assist you.

Want to get out and about? Move around and discover Hong Kong differently? Wish to share your hobbies with others? Like your kids to meet other kids? Want to join HKA activities of your choice? The various hostesses will be happy to welcome you and share their passion.

HKA proposes:

Year-round activities

-  Sport: tennis, hikes, walks,...
-  Cultural: museum, discovery of Hong Kong,...
-  Art: drawing, painting, workshops...
-  Leisure: mahjong, playing cards (Tarot), Pastry making,..
-  Kids : play dates,...

Fixed events:

-  The Grand Café in September: a big get-together to welcome back everybody, meet new arrivals and introduce HKA.
-  Neighborhood cafés: all year round and open to all
-  Soirées: Celebrating the Beaujolais Nouveau, Christmas dinner, Horse racing,...
-  Theme days: Junk trip, picnic, ...
-  Kids: Christmas snack, treasure hunting,...


Membership subscription

It enables HKA to cover its general and administrative expenses. This yearly subscription is required in order to participate in the various HKA activities. You pay only one subscription per family.


Advertisers who want to reach the French-speaking community can do so by purchasing advertising space, on the HKA website.


They are of great financial help to HKA!


HKA is only run by volunteers. They are the backbone of the organisation. They make HKA work.

Email: kongcontact@hkaccueil.com
Website: www.hkaccueil.com

publié le 06/01/2011

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