Gweimui’s Hong Kong Story by Christine Cappio [fr] [中文]

Written by the French author Christine Cappio, who has been living in Hong Kong since 1986, this book is about a history of a double encounter.


The first one, very touching, takes place between Christine, young art student, just arrived from the French countryside, who meets in Paris at the beginning of the Eighties a Chinese student, Yan. Between them, it will be soon the love at first sight.


The book also recounts the meeting between the young French lady and Hong Kong, an intimidating city if any. She discovered the city with caring guides, Yan / Stephen and his family, including this "Mammy" who immediately adopted her with great love. Christine gives us what we would today call an "astonishment report" about this amazing world city that is Hong Kong, through the eyes of a young French woman who had previously little traveled.


Christine Cheung evokes with sensitivity and humour this new world, the populous and colorful markets, this passion for the good cuisine, that France and Hong Kong share, and the passionate games of Mah Jong. The young French student did not know it yet but Hong Kong would soon become her second home. She would endeavour to learn its Cantonese language so complex, its traditions and customs. Christine opens delicately this "Gate of propriety" of Hong Kong which will allow the Gweimuis to appreciate and respect more its richness and diversity.

The book is available in the French bookshop Parenthèses.

A book sharing session will be organised in the presence of Christine Cappio at Parenthèses on 14 June at 6:30 pm.
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publié le 13/06/2016

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