Great success of the exhibition “Materials for invention” by Ars Mathematica [fr]

The second scientific exhibition of Le French May was presented during 19 and 26 May 2014 inside the Jockey Club Innovation Tower, Hong Kong Polytechnic University (

This exhibition presenting a large selection of digital sculptures made by 3D printers has been a success. The meetings with artists, workshops and demonstrations took place throughout the event, allowing the public, especially students, to discover the importance of mathematics and new technologies in artistic creation – just as shown by the following work of Christian Lavigne.


Ars Mathematica is an international organization based in Paris, founded in 1992 by Alexandre VITKINE and Christian LAVIGNE, pioneers of digital sculpture. In this area the association organizes the INTERSCULPT biennial since 1993.

publié le 06/06/2014

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