Gerard Lenorman’s live concert in Hong Kong

After a singing career of fourty years, French singer Gerard Lenorman is back with a new album “Duos de mes chansons” in which he sings his own songs with the young generation of French singers.
On this exceptional occasion he has decided to take the road again and will be part of the French May in Hong Kong.

From «La Ballade des gens heureux» to «Si j’étais président», «Michelle», «Les Matins d’hiver», «Quelque chose et moi» or «Voici les clefs», it is suprising to see how Gerard Lenorman’s songs are still so popular and the reason for this lies in the main theme of the artist’s work which is “ happiness”.

- Place: Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Grand Theatre
- Date : 10 Jun (Sun) 17:00
- Tickets: $380, $280, $180, $120
- Tickets are available at URBTIX

Online Booking : ?actionFwd=eventDetail&

publié le 07/06/2012

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