Gala Premiere "The Wolf Totem"《狼圖騰》 by Jean-Jacques Annaud [fr]

Edko Films and cinema AMC Pacific Place present yesterday evening, Monday, March 16, the HK premiere of Jean-Jacques Annaud latest film, Wolf Totem , in presence of the filmmaker.


Director Jean-Jacques Annaud and film producer Mr. William Kong.

Born in 1943, Jean-Jacques Annaud directs more than 500 commercials before getting into movies. In 1977, he wins the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film for his first long feature Black and White in Color (La Victoire en Chantant).

Then, he directs major projects such as Quest for Fire (La Guerre du feu) in 1981 and The Bear in 1988. He wins for both films the César Award for Best Director.

He also adapts for the silver screen two novels: The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco in 1986 and The Lover by Marguerite Duras in 1992 starring HK actor Tony Leung Ka-fai. Wolf Totem is the film adaptation of the award-winning best-selling eponym novel by Chinese writer Jiang Rong.


M. Jean-Jacques Annaud with Consul General, Mr. Arnaud Barthèlemy, Mrs. Elisa Ghigo Barthèlemy, Mr. Stéphane Joly, director of Alliance Française et Mr. Gérard Henry, deputy director of Alliance Française.

Sino-French coproduction, the film is already a huge hit in Mainland China since its release in February 13 with more than 15,5 million admissions with the cumulated box office reaching US$100 million.

In France, the movie is also a great success with 727 500 spectators since its release in February 25.


Mr. Jean-Jacques Annaud with Ms. Karena Lam, ambassador of Le French May

The movie will officially be released in Hong Kong screens on April 2 distributed by Edko Films.

publié le 26/03/2015

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