From November to December : Visions of the French New Wave at Hong Kong Arts Cenre [fr]

How do we imagine the future? What resources do we draw on to envision different lives? The power of science fiction or speculative fiction goes far beyond star cruisers, alien life forms or eye-catching gadgets when it confronts social and cultural issues of the present, projected forward.

This showcase of futuristic works by varied leaders of the French New Wave takes us into a dual vision of the imagination, past and present. Here, a generation of filmmakers challenging the hierarchies and orthodoxies of French cinema and society pushed their social and filmic visions even further.

Alphaville by Jean-luc Godard (1965)
Fahrenheit 451 by François Truffaut (1966)
Barbarella by Roger Vadim (1968)
I love you, I love you (1968)
Bad Blood by Leos Carax (1986)
Level Five by Chris Marker (1962)

These powerful visions reflect powerful filmmakers who, even if they “failed to predict” the future of France and Europe, brought home questions that are as universal and haunting in presents and futures in 2015 as they were fifty years ago.

Explore this wondrous futuristic universe at Hong Kong Arts Centre from November to December 2015.

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publié le 05/11/2015

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