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Médias français disponibles

FRANCE 24 is a leading 24 hours a day international news channel that covers current events from a French perspective on 3 channels in French, English and Arabic throughout the world.

Every 30 minutes, FRANCE 24 offers a complete overview of international news with a10 minutes TV news before a world weather report. FRANCE 24 also gives a French perspective to international current affairs through diversity of opinions, debates and confrontation of viewpoints and also broadcasts exclusive reports and lifestyle programs that cover the latest economic, technical and cultural trends.

In Hong Kong, FRANCE 24 is available in English (NOW TV channel 327 and channel BBTV 737) and in French (NOW TV channel 715 and BBTV channel 738).

You can also find France 24 live here: ...

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TV5 Monde Asie, the 24-hour French channel, is now available on Canal 714 in Now TV. TV5 Monde does not only offers a wide range of programs on News, Sport, Entertainment, Art of Life, Youth programmes but also an attractive selection of films and documentaries as well as lifestyle reports with English subtitles.

TV5MONDE is the official channel of the International Organisation of La Francophonie, who has an overarching relationship with a diverse of institutions such as the Agence Universitaire of the Francophonie (Montreal, Canada), CAVILAM (Vichy, France) and l’Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium) for more than 10 years. TV5MONDE develops and offers a range of free materials to support students and teachers in learning and teaching French as a Foreign Language (FLE) respectively. The learning tools are available in multiple formats in targeting learners at different levels. This includes:

“Beginners Classe”

For the beginners, the website offers simple yet varied interactive exercises with answers based on TV5MONDE video clips. The lessons are organized by theme (For example, Greetings or Leisure) and each theme comprises 20 exercises with a report at the end of each course. “Beginners Class” is available now in 4 languages (French, English, German and Spanish). Other languages are currently under preparation.

“Learn TV”

The website offers intermediate and advanced learners with a variety of exercises and topics (from international news to music videos to recipes), as well as a dedicated module in preparation for Test de Connaissance du Français (TCF). In addition, the show "7 Days on the Planet" (every Saturday at 8:00 am in Hong Kong on TV5MONDE Asia) offers a retrospective weekly international news, designed and presented in an educational context with French subtitles.

Useful Links
- Monthly programme guide
- TV5 Monde - Asia Pacific Facebook page
- TV5 Monde - Asia Pacific Twitter page

Based in Lyon, Euro News is the European news channel that broadcasts in several France public television channels. It is Europe’s leading news channel covering world news from a European perspective and is now available on Now Broadband-TV by PCCW on channel 326. Subscription to the channel costs only 12 HKD/month (based on a 12-month term plan and subject to change without prior notice from Now-TV).

You can also watch the Euronews Live on your computer:

The mobile application is available here:

JPEG Eurosport
Eurosport broadcast in Hong Kong since March 22nd, 2007!

Subsidiary of TF1, the Eurosport is available at the Eurosport Asia since the establishment of its Asiatic office in Hong Kong.

Eurosport Asia is available on NOW TV channel 676 as well as on your smartphones:

Useful Links:
-  Eurosport Asia Site (In English):
-  Eurosport Asia programmes:
-  Eurosport Asia Site (In Chinese, in partnership with :

JPEG Radio France Internationale (RFI)

RFI is a public service radio station for people around the world. It is the leading French radio station for round-the-clock international news which broadcast in French and 12 other foreign languages through its offices in Paris and abroad. With a unique network of 600 correspondents, RFI brings news to the listeners and brings listeners to the news. Throughout the day, a 10-minute news is broadcasted at a fixed time and a 3-minutes flash news for every half an hour to keep listeners informed of the latest news developments. offers news in 13 languages, 24 hours a day. The news is explained, analyzed, re-viewed by our professional journalists. RFI is the place where audiences can have free access of photos, maps, interviews and archives. The French news site is divided into five sections: news, radio for listening in live or streaming, sports including unrivaled expertise in African football, culture and science. The language site also offers radio broadcasts and news articles; a web radio broadcast in Mandarin 24hours a day. Blogs journalists RFI offer a different perspective on the news and a direct dialogue with users and listeners.

RFI is also:

• 35.6 million regular listeners
• An average of four million visitors to the group’sInternet site
• 390 hours of French and foreign language broadcasts weekly
• 60 French newscasts per day
• 164 broadcasters in 74 countries, shortwave, medium wave, cable and Internet
• 30 satellites covering five continents

RFI on mobile phones

Since 2009, the website is being developed for audiences to access on a variety of internet-connected devices. Users most recent news articles and news bulletin can be found.

In 2010, the mobile application RFI-MCD has been released and is available through 5 mobile platforms: Apple, Symbian, Android, Windows and Bada. The application allows users to listen live and streams RFI programs in French and from its subsidiary programmes in 12 languages: French, English, Spanish, Portugal, Arab, Russian, Romanian, Persian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Hausa and Swahili.

RFI also offers subscription service to receive Breaking News texts alerts., a reference music site offers a unique database of sheets music, biographies, discographies of hundreds of artists. From Brazil Rock, hip-hop to Ouagadougou, electro Japan ... reporters travel the world to discover their music and news. The site is updated continuously throughout the day.

French learning and teaching
With the French language website ((, RFI opens a space for French learners and teachers. Users can familiarize themselves with the French language and teachers, download the tools that can be used for in-class discussion on recent news. The “News in simple French” targets French learning beginners.
RFI and TV5MONDE have co-launched its iPhone application “Learn French through News” « Apprendre le français par l’info » in July 2011. With this application, users learn and perfect their spoken French through the media. The application is available here:

Download the programme schedule here:

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