French literary award season 2017 [fr] [中文]

Laureates for the prestigious Prix Goncourt, Prix Médicis, Prix Femina, and the Prix Renaudot were recently announced during the French literary award season 2017.

The French literary award season takes place every year between late August and early November. Every year during autumn, books and literature becomes the focus of French community and media.

Grand Prix du Roman was established in 1914 the Académie française, a highly-respected French literary academy responsible for the standard form of the French language. This year, Grand Prix de l’Académie Française was announced on October 26 (Thursday). It was awarded to Daniel Rondeau for his fiction named « Mécaniques du chaos ».

Daniel Rondeau (Photo credits :

List of French literary awardees and their award-winning works are as follows:
Prix Goncourt was awarded to Eric Vuillard for his fiction « L’ordre du jour » , published by Actes Sud.

Eric Vuillard (Photo credits :

Prix Médicis was awarded to Yannick Haenel, for his book « Tiens ferme ta couronne » published by Gallimard.

Yannick Haenel (Photo credits :

Prix Femina was awarded to Philippe Jaenada for his book « La Serpe » published by Julliard.

Philippe Jaenada (Photo credits :

Prix Renaudot was awarded to Olivier Guez, a writer and journalist from Strasbourg for his « La Disparition de Josef Mengele » published by Grasset.
Olivier Guez (Photo credits :

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