French film “Sorry Angel” to open the Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival [fr]

Its 29th edition takes you across the best of recent international lesbian, gay, bi, transgenre and queer-related films from 8th to 22nd September . The festival also offers a peak into some of the latest and best contemporary French related films such as its opening film directed by Christophe Honoré.

The 2018 Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Festival will be held from 8-22 September 2018 within the Broadway circuit in Hong Kong. As the longest standing lesbian and gay film festival in Asia, the festival strives to bring audience a wide range of quality films and short films from all over the world. This year’s festival features a total of 29 feature films and 31 short films. In addition, there will also be fabulous parties, seminars and university tours. It is definitely an annual event film lovers look forward to each year!

French selection

1 - Opening film - “Sorry Angel” (8 September)

The film has been selected in 6 international festivals including Cannes International Film Festival 2018 (Official Competition) and Taipei Film Festival 2018. Join us for its premiere in Hong Kong!

Screening : 8 Sept (Sat) 19:20 at MovieMovie Cityplaza

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Set in 1993 France, this semi-autobiographical film tells the story of an unexpected encounter in a cinema drastically changes the life of Arthur, a young intellectual film student from the countryside, and that of a thirty-something Paris-based more or less famous writer named Jacques. They flirt, fall madly in love with each other…… until Jacques steps backwards and hides himself from Arthur due to his own health condition.

Director Christophe Honoré recreates a France of the 90s and tenderly illustrates how people at that time have learnt to live and love in the moment but also to say goodbye and face the loss of their closest ones.

Director: Christophe Honoré
Language: in French with English subtitles
France / 2018 / 132 mins
Cast : Pierre Deladonchamps, Vincent Lacoste, Denis Podalydès

2 - Le French Gay


Another programme to look for is the original selection of a series of 5 award-winning short films coined “Le French Gay”. While some films are directed by young upcoming filmmakers such as La Femis- French national film school- graduate Florent Gouëlou, other titles boast direction from acclaimed independent directors such as Cannes Festival - Queer Prize winner Yann Gonzales.

Screening : 14 Sept 19:50 at AMC Pacific Place & 15 Sept 19:50 at The One

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Language: French (English Subtitle)
Duration: 15 mins
Director: Nathan Carli
Story: Tonight, Malik has decided to flee his ghetto. He had it all planned, except that Walid, his big brother, with all his gang, is looking for him everywhere. The flee turns into a run for his safety.

A Man, My Son (Un homme, mon fils)
Language: French (English Subtitle)
Duration: 34 mins
Director: Florent Gouëlou
Story: Fred is a projectionist, like his father. When he has to project a film on film, he convinces his father to hit the road with him. They go on a journey, where different generations, drag-queens and family affairs mingle.

Islands (Les Iles)
Language: French (English Subtitle)
Duration: 23 mins
Director: Yann Gonzalez
Story: Characters wander through an erotic maze of love and desire in Yann Gonzalez’s newest short film.
Queer Prize Winner - Cannes International Film Festival 2018

With Thelma (Avec Thelma)
Language: French (English Subtitle)
Duration: 13 mins
Director: Ann Sirot, Raphael Balboni
Story: An Icelandic volcano has blocked air traffic and Thelma’s parents are stuck overseas. Until planes start flying across the sky again, Jean, Vincent and Thelma share the same roof.

Ten (Dix)
Language: French(English Subtitle)
Duration: 10 mins
Director: Franck Villette
Story: One little guy decided to meet Prince Charming, and then there were two.
There were two, and three, and up to ten. Till the day when...
Ten little friends came together again. One of them met the wrong kind of person, and then there were nine. Nine little friends…

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