"French Tech Ticket - Season 2" open for application now! (22/6-24/8) [fr]

The "French Tech Ticket" is a program designed for entrepreneurs from all over the world who want to create their startups in France, a booming tech ecosystem. 70 international startups will be selected through a global competition, and will join one of the 41 partner incubators in France for a 12-month program from January 2017.

The French Tech Ticket is a one year program by the French government to attract gifted and ambitious individuals from all around the world and help them set up and develop their startup in France.

More than just a startup visa, this 12-month program offers end to end support on the journey from early stage start-up to successful business – from financial support and training to first customer acquisition.


French Tech Ticket SEASON 1 - A Very Promising Start in Paris

Paris has been steering a bold startup policy for a number of years now, making it one of the world’s leading innovation centers. The city’s density of incubators, startups and the involvement of major groups in Open Innovation programs have placed the Parisian market largely on the world innovation map.

Launched on June 21, 2015, the first season of French Tech Ticket has demonstrated its potential to boost France’s attractiveness for startups.


The Hong Kong startup Brand Pit was among 50 companies selected for the programme. Founded by TT Chu, Brand Pit offers social media analytics using image recognition: “Instead of providing analytics based on hashtags, we extract information visually from photos and videos”. Their technology scans images and videos on social media to capture when products are used in a real life situation.”


French Tech Ticket SEASON 2 - Expanding the Program in Size and Scope

The French Tech Ticket is picking up the pace in Season 2:

- 41 incubators have been selected across France (vs. 10 Parisian incubators in Season 1) to welcome the second intake of startups.

- 70 international startups, or about 180 entrepreneurs, will join the Season 2 program in January 2017 (vs. 49 entrepreneurs from 23 startups in Season 1).



The welcome package has been expanded to offer new laureates the best possible start, with a combination offunding, incubation,ongoing supportand advice:

  • €45,000 funding per project to cover:
    -  External costs (feasibility studies,service providers…)
    -  Personal costs
  • A 12-month incubation period in one of the 41 selected partner incubators in Paris and throughout France
  • A fast-track procedure for laureates to obtain a residentpermit
  • A dedicated support program:
    -  A series of master classes and monthly networking events with the ecosystem
    -  Tailored business supportfrom the host support team
    -  Follow-up by an individual sponsor (eminent entrepreneur from the host ecosystem)
    -  2 Demodays annually with investors and corporations
    -  Further services depending on the entrepreneurs’ specific needs
  • A help desk to assist laureates with administrative formalities (residence permits, funding, tax and insurance)
  • A Soft Landing Pack to relocate easily to France and a practical guide to starting out in the host city with special offers from selected partners


  • Foreign founding teams of 2 or 3 people
    (The team can include a maximum of 1 French citizen)
  • English-speaking founders:the entire program will be held in English
  • Startups in projectphase (not yet legally founded) or already created abroad
  • Founders must be ready to live in France for a year and devote 100% of their time to their project
  • Companies that have already been created in France (headquarters or subsidiary) are not eligible.


  • Candidates mustchoose their 3 preferred incubators when applying
  • Every partner incubator is presented in a joint document at the end of the press kit and on the competition website. This presentation details their specific support packages and their differentiating features,especially in terms of:
    -  Sector expertise (biotech, medtech/health, IoT, hardware, cultural and creative industries, education tourism, cleantech, energy, industry, construction, real estate, foodtech/agritech, ecommerce, cybersecurity, fintech, sport, robotics, mobile/web,social businesses,aerospace,etc.)
    -  Expertise in the maturity phase addressed (concept/proof of concept/business development)
  • The selection of startups will be supported by the partner incubators and sponsor authorities,as well as independent entrepreneurs.
  • The selection criteria will be based above all on the innovation brought by the project, the team and the company’s strong development potential using France as a base.



- Which 41 Partner Incubators?
- Why France?
- Any iconic French Tech key players?
- How strong is the financing system?
- How the French state is supporting Tech?
- How dynamic is the French Tech ecosystem?

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