French School of Asian Studies (EFE0)

The French School of Asian Studies(EFEO), was founded in 1898. Its mission is to carry out interdisciplinary research and training in the civilizations of South, Southeast, and Northeast Asia. The main fields of study include history, anthropology, archaeology, art history, and linguistics. The emphasis is on primary sources (archaeological, written, or oral) and fieldwork in Asia. To facilitate this work, and to promote international scholarly exchanges, the EFEO maintains 17 centres in 11 Asian countries, including three in the Chinese world: in Hong Kong (at the Chinese University), in Beijing (Chinese Academy of Sciences), and in Taipei (Academia Sinica).


The EFEO Centre in Hong Kong is located in the Institute of Chinese Studies (ICS) at the Chinese University. According to an agreement on academic cooperation signed by the CUHK and EFEO, a permanent EFEO representative is stationed in Hong Kong, is appointed as honorary research fellow at ICS and teaches in the university. Beside providing a liaison between the two institutions, the EFEO Centre organizes joint research projects, conferences, lectures, and exchanges with its partners in Hong Kong and mainland China, including short term research stays in Paris for both senior scholars and graduate students from CUHK.

Website of the EFEO:

Representative:Dr. Lü Pengzhi 
Tel.:(852) 2609 7369  
Address : EFEO Centre, Institute of Chinese Studies
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong

publié le 07/01/2011

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