French Pavilion returns with French Fantasy to Hong Kong Book Fair 2019 [fr]

French Pavilion returns with the iconic decor and magical splendor of the Palace of Versailles! The magic continues with the bestselling French novelist Bernard Werber on the unsuspected power of imagination and many other French cultural activities...



In collaboration with Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC):

Book reading by the EU Consuls General

Organised by the European Union Office to Hong Kong and Macao

17 July 2019 (Wed) | 15:30 - 16:30 | @ Hall 1A Concourse (near escalator)

"Panel Discussion : Re-discovery of Versailles" by Atout France

Atout France, the French government’s only tourism body, promote France as a destination for business and leisure.

 Panelists :
o Mr Alan CHAN, Blogger, Frequent Traveler to France, Travel Promoter
o Prof. Louis LOR, Architect, Writer of “Architecture in France” & “Architecture in Europe”
o Ms Yolanda CHAN, Responsable Tourism – Atout France

18 July 2019 (Thu) | 14:00 - 14:45 | @ Cultural Event Stage, Hall 1A Concourse

"Speak-dating" workshop by Alliance Française de Hong Kong

Hosted by Alliance Française de Hong Kong, this workshop gives an opportunity to those who would love to have a taste of learning French or speaking French with a native speaker in a speedy but fruitful manner. Let’s talk en français!

18 July 2019 (Thu) | 14:00 - 14:45 | @ Cultural Event Stage, Hall 1A Concourse

Bernard Werber’s public seminar “Reality vs. Fantasy: How to Develop Imagination?”

The power of imagination makes us very unique. Or even “infinite” according to the American naturalist writer John Muir. But imagination is an art: the art of getting rid of what we know, the art of thinking out of the box, from scratch. How can I imagine aliens that do not look like me or animals that I already know? How can I imagine a fantasy world which is not a twisted carbon-copy of mine? The bestselling author Bernard Werber is coming from Paris to share with you all his secrets and make you an inspired writer and reader. Don’t hesitate to join, we are waiting for you!

21 July 2019 (Sun) |18:00 - 19:30| @ Meeting Rooms S222-223

Click here to register for the seminar
Facebook event page

More about Bernard Werber

With over 30 million books sold worldwide, Bernard Werber is one of France’s most widely read authors. His work has been translated into 35 languages. Considered as a star in Seoul, he has been elected writer of the decade in South Korea.

Novelist, journalist, film director, painter and actor all at once, Bernard Werber puts borderless imagination at the very core of his work , which explores the bridges between science, biology, spirituality and the paranormal. His bestseller, The Ants trilogy, raises astonishing questions regarding interspecies communication.

A collection of his work will be sold at the Book Fair by the French bookstore Parenthèses:

  • Les Fourmis


  • Empire of the Ants

《Gweimui’s Hong Kong Wet Markets》book release seminar by Christine Cappio

Christine will share her adventures in Hong Kong wet markets in the Hong Kong Book Fair with her husband, Professor Stephen Cheung Yan Leung, President of The Education University of Hong Kong. The book will be available in Commercial Press’s booth (1E-A04) at the Book Fair.

19 July 2019 (Fri) | 15:30 - 17:00| @Room S428

More about 《Gweimui’s Hong Kong Wet Markets》

《Gweimui’s Hong Kong Wet Markets》 will be published and launched in the Hong Kong Book Fair in July. Christine Cappio adventures into Hong Kong’s wet markets and finds that they are actually fun places to walk around and shop. Like in France, her home country, vendors in Hong Kong wet markets remember the preferences of their regular clients. The kindness of many sellers has helped her overcome the fear of speaking Cantonese. They even take time to explain to her how to cook this and that. It is the warm atmosphere that she loves most.

《Versailles, the Other Visit》 showcase

We will be showing episodes from a web-documentary by TV5MONDE in partnership with the Château de Versailles, to unlock the secrets of unknown objects which are the true witnesses of the history of France.

Youtube trailer

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