French May 2012: L’Alliance française presents ARRÊTS DE JEU

L’Alliance française of Hong Kong presents ARRÊTS DE JEU, a creation of Contemporary Dance by Pierre Rigal & Aurélien Bory.
Performances on April 18th and 19th 2012.
Pierre Rigal talks about it.


"« Arrêts de jeu » stages a memory. A collective and intimate memory. A childhood memory.

In 1982 the French football team met the West German one on the semi-finals of the World Cup in Seville.

To reach such a high level of the competition constituted a real performance for this team that was far from being the favorite one. Accessing the finals was a dream getting through the accomplishment of a real exploit in front of the German ogre, who was strict and well-disciplined, physically aggressive and superior.

West Germany steals the victory from the shattered French players. A huge and inconsolable disappointment came over the French team, the supporters, and the nine year old boy I was among them.

Apart from the crucial sporting stake, this match took on an underlying political nature.

The ancestral tensions between the two countries re-emerged and expressed themselves in a disguised way. Even if nobody would have admit that, World War 2 was in the mind of each and everyone. If sport can have gathering assets, it can also catalyze myths, fantasies and clichés.

This is what happened this night in July 1982.

Through ritual and commemoration, the choreographic, theatrical and graphic "celebration" of this sport event, with its surprising dramaturgy, highlights the collective and intimate mythologies that builds our memories.

Solemn, absurd, sacred or ridiculous at the same time, this ceremony will call to mind the pleasures, stakes, mythologies and paradoxes of childhood through the exploration of the "game" in its large meaning.

Bodies will be images, faces, joys, anguishes, dreams and then nightmares. Bodies will sometimes be idiots or solemn, sometimes absurd or perceptive, sometimes agile and sometimes clumsy.

This "regressive" expression of these memories will finally enable me to observe my actual position as an adult and to comprehend, maybe with fear, my forthcoming memories."

Pierre Rigal.


Arrêt de jeu part2->] 发布人 triangleagitato

Date and time:

Wednesday, April 18, 2012 - 20:00

Thursday, April 19, 2012 - 20:00


Youth Square Y-Theatre, Chai Wan


$280, $220, $160

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