Four of the ten best animation schools in the world are French [fr]

The US site Animation Career review published in 2015 ranking of the best animation schools. Les Gobelins, Rubika, ESMA and Creapole are among the top ten.

Four French animation schools are in the top 10 and eleven schools are in the top 100 global best animation schools according to the rankings published by, an American site.

Les Gobelins now receive 50 registrations of foreign students per day

"This is a great news for les Gobelins and all French schools distinguished by this ranking", says Moira Marguin, head of animation department at the Gobelins and Vice President of RECA (Network of French cinema schools animation) which federates 25 schools in the domain. "This international distinction will attract more corporate partners," she added. There is a concrete effect on enrolment thanks to the ranking. "Since the publication of this ranking, we receive 50 applications per day for our master English we launched in September while we do not receive more than 3 to 5 per days before," notes Moira Marguin.

1st: Les Gobelins, Paris

Les Gobelins, school of the Paris Chamber of Commerce, deserves its place atop the podium. Established in 1975, it is the oldest French animation school. Represented for many times in international competitions, its alumni work in the most prestigious studios. Kristof Ferrand, who was among the first classes, is the director of animation at Dreamworks in California.

4th: Rubika, Valenciennes, Pune (India)

Created by the Northern Chamber of Commerce to revitalize the industrial region in difficulties, Rubika (former Supinfocom) is a design school of five years with three departments: animation, gaming and design. A huge campuss was inaugurated in 2011in India through a partnership with an Indian billionaire. In 2016, it will land in Montreal, Canada. In 2015, two graduation films had won the Nagoya International Digital Animation Festival in Japan. Note that the School came first in the ranking of the best schools in the video game of Figaro Etudiant.

7th: ESMA, Montpellier, Toulouse, Nantes

Created 20 years ago, this school of applied arts in Montpellier has quickly made itself well-known in the industry. It offers upgraded classes, BTS and a professional degree in animation (RNCP Level 2 or bac + 3-4). Less well-known than the previous two, its alumni work in renowned studios abroad. The film "Sweet cocoon" produced by students of the school was screened during the ceremony of the Oscars in 2014.

10th: Creapole, Paris.

This is a dramatic breakthrough for Créapole. Thanks to the recent effort of Sylvie Robert, head of the department, the school was rewarded with a nice tenth place in the standings. School of Applied Arts in Paris has forged numerous partnerships with prestigious studios (Jesuisbiencontent, Ubisoft, BUF ..). For its five-year programs, the sponsoring of the department is Nicolas Donel, Oscar for Best Visual Effects for "The Odyssey of Pi". A student of the school, Gwenn Germain, was known by a short animated film that paid homage to Japanese director Miyazaki: Girls and Guys from Summits and Skies.

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