"Forgive Us We are Young", discover the cinema programme of Le French May (May 8 - 31 2015) [fr]

The cinema programme of Le French May is unveiled!
Titled "Forgive Us We are Young" and presented in collaboration with the Broadway Cinematheque, the selection features the best of the new generation of French cinema through a selection of first and second films. Nineteen films, long and short films, comedies or dramas, documentaries and original fictions, are to be discovered in Hong Kong on May 8 - 31.

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The programme will open on May 8 at 7:35pm at Palace IFC with the debut film of Raphaël Neal, Fever 《狂迷》, a film adaptation of the novel by Leslie Kaplan.The film features Martin Loizillon (Best Actor at the Mumbai Film Festival), Pierre Moure and Julie-Marie Parmentier. The soundtrack is performed by the French singer Camille .


The director Raphaël Neal will be in Hong Kong to meet the audience at the end of the two shows: May 8 at 7:35pm (Palace IFC) and May 10 at 3:40pm (Broadway Cinematheque)

The festival will close on May 31 with two exclusive screenings of Fidelio: Alice’s Journey 《愛麗絲的情海 》 by Lucie Borleteau with Ariane Labed, Melvil Poupaud (Laurence Anyways) et Anders Danielsen Lie.
Director Borleteau will attend the two screenings for a sharing session.

Discover also during Le French May :

-  New Territories 《一國兩祭》 by Fabianny Deschamps, a film shot in Hong Kong, which tells the story of Eve, a French businesswoman who wants to conquer the Asian market with a new funeral rite and Li Yu, a Chinese textile worker, preparing herself to reach Hong Kong clandestinely in search for a better life.


The director Fabianny Deschamps will present her film and meet the audience after two screenings : May 10 at 1:15pm (Palace IFC) and May 15 at 7:40pm (Broadway Cinematheque).

- Once in a Lifetime 《(法式)國民教育 》 by Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar, based on a true story. At the Lycée Léon Blum in Créteil, on the outskirts of Paris, a teacher decides to make her weakest 10th grade class sit a national history exam.
The students will be transformed by this experience.


-  We Did It on a Song 《唱出我未來》 by David André, musical documentary that tells the stormy tale of a group of friends from Boulogne-sur-Mer, a French town hit by the financial crisis. A year between dreams and disillusion, imagined by teenagers from a working or middle class background, with songs that regularly add poetry, laughter, and emotion to reality.

- The Connexion 《毒網謎蹤》 by Cédric Jimenez with Jean Dujardin, Gilles Lellouche and Céline Sallette, based on the true story of Pierre Michel, a young magistrate appointed judge of organized crime in Marseille. He decided to attack the French Connection, a mafia organization exporting heroin in the world.


And a focus on iconic artists of this new generation of French actors and directors:

- Sophie Letourneur for her movies Macaroni & Cheese 《芝士通心粉》 and Gaby Baby Doll 《荒心愛漫遊》with Lolita Chammah and Benjamin Biolay.

- Katell Quillévéré, female director of Love Like Poison 《純愛有毒》 and Suzanne 《愛我又如何》 with Sara Forestier, François Damiens and Adèle Haenel.


- Vincent Macaigne lead actor of Autumns 3 Winters 《兩個秋天,三個冬天》 and The Rendez-vous of Déjà-vu 《巴士底女孩》


Forgive Us We are Young [Le French May cinema programme]
- Lieux: Broadway Cinematheque :Prosperous Garden, 3 Public Square Street, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon / Palace IFC : Podium L1, ifc Mall,8 Finance Street, Central
- Ticket prices $80 (Broadway Cinematheque) / $80 (Palace IFC)
- Ticketing : www.cinema.com.hk
- Le French May : http://www.frenchmay.com/
- Website

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