Foreign investment in France continued to increase in 2018 [fr]

Paris, April 4, 2019. “The 2018 Annual Report: Foreign investment in France” released today provides confirmation of the renewed confidence foreign investors have in France as a business location. The figures were revealed at a press conference held at the French Ministry for the Economy and Finance in Bercy, Paris, by Mr. Bruno Le Maire, the Minister for the Economy and Finance, Mr. Christophe Lecourtier, the CEO of Business France, and Mr. Pascal Cagni, the Chairman of Business France and Ambassador for International Investment.

A total of 1,323 investment decisions in France in 2018 – up 2% on 2017 (1,298), at an average of 25 decisions per week – created or maintained 30,302 jobs.

Jobs created and maintained amounted to 30,302 in 2018, compared with 33,489 in 2017. This is due to the reduction in the number of jobs saved as part of an acquisition (-4,000 jobs) resulting from the decline in the number of ailing businesses (-25%).

However, investments at new sites increased by 14% in 2018, with 741 new decisions, compared with 651 in 2017, thus representing more than half of all investments (56%). This increase in investment in new sites reflects the strengthening of France’s attractiveness.

There were 500 investments involving expanding operations at existing locations, creating 15,588 jobs (i.e. 50% of all jobs created by foreign investments) in 2018, compared with 551 projects and 12,855 jobs in 2017. What’s more, 78% of production/manufacturing activities related to expanding operations at existing locations.

Foreign companies continue to invest in production/manufacturing operations, with 320 investment decisions creating or maintaining 11,295 jobs in 2018. Production/manufacturing operations were the leading contributors to employment, accounting for 37% of total employment and a quarter of all investments.

“The improvement in France’s image is reflected in significant investments in industrial activities. Examples of foreign multinationals which are present in French industry include Collins Aerospace, US world leader in technology systems and solutions for the aerospace industry, which invested more than €18 million in the Occitanie region in 2018; Canadian company Robotiq, which designs and manufactures components for collaborative robots (robotic hands) and chose Lyon for its first site in Europe; and Japanese food group Takara Foods, which announced plans to invest €1.6 million in a ramen manufacturing facility,” said Christophe Lecourtier.

Investment decisions in R&D, engineering and design are constantly growing, up 3% year-on-year, accounting for 129 projects and 2,793 jobs in 2018, compared with 2,282 in 2017. Interestingly, R&D investments accounted for 58% of the total number of new sites. American companies stand out for their involvement in R&D operations, accounting for more than a quarter of the decisions recorded and 21% of employment associated with this sector.

“France has shown that, on a global scale, it is punching above its weight in terms of innovation. R&D operations have grown year-on-year by more than 9% on average over the last five years, and now represent 10% of all investments. Furthermore, every year global tech giants such as Cisco, Google, and Facebook continue to strengthen their position in France,” said Pascal Cagni.

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publié le 06/05/2019

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