Fdm - adfe: Français du monde - association démocratique des Français à l’étranger [fr]

FDM - ADFE : Français du Monde - Association Démocratique des Français à l’Etranger
(French of the world - democratic association of French people abroad)

Solidary and very attentive to your concerns and problems, the members of the section “French of the world – adfe” for Hong Kong and Macao, do everything in their power to support you in your efforts while promoting the exercise of citizenship and by campaigning for cultural diversity. The association is involved in a local and international network at the service of solidarity between French people. Their objectives are as follows:

• National Solidarity: Striving to guarantee a decent life for our compatriots in hardships. To be present at times when we are most vulnerable, whether it be on economic, health or safety issues.

• Social protection: To ease the conditions of access to the CFE so as to ensure social protection for all our compatriots.

• Education: defend public service through French establishments accessible to all and by FLAM programs for children who are not enrolled in French schools.

• Consular protection: maintain local services and return to extended opening hours. Ensure the full recognition of the rights of citizens and multi-national families.

• Sustainable development: encourage projects that promote social justice and preserve the environment at the local level. Fight against climate change and the erosion of biodiversity.

Present in Hong Kong and Macao since 1992, the French association of the world - adfe, is recognized of public interest. It has brought together since 1980 all French people who, outside of France, share and carry progressive ideals and values of social justice, pluralism, tolerance, democracy, secularism, altruism and solidarity.

Strengthened by its presence on the ground through its Advisers for French nationals abroad, its parliamentarians, its dynamism at the AFE, its administrators at the CFE or its collaboration with numerous partner associations here or in the world, French of the world - adfe pursues its objectives by helping you and keeping you informed on a daily basis.

Their elected French Foreign Advisor, Vithiya Vairon, as well as some of their members, represent you in various Hong Kong bodies and associations (Consular Council, Governing Board of the French School Victor Segalen, Consular Council Scholarships, Consular Council linked to social protection and action, Consular security system, Social Action Fund Committee, etc.)

They also meet with the elected officials of French nationals living abroad or visiting personalities, endeavouring to defend your interests as best as possible in light of the values carried by the association.

Do not hesitate to subscribe to their Facebook page. There you will find useful local information. You will also get access to “ Français du monde” , a bimonthly magazine with useful practical sheets specially designed for French expatriates.
Also, feel free to contact us by email if you have questions related to consular life, education, security, health or any other area.

Anne-Rozenn L’Hévéder
President of Français du monde – adfe de Hong Kong et Macao

Contact us:
e-mail: fdm.adfe.hk.macau@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/adfehk/
Fdm – adfe: www.francais-du-monde.org/
Our board:
President: Anne-Rozenn L’Hévéder
Treasurer: Jean-François Armand
Secretary: Yanis Loggia

publié le 18/03/2020

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