FIER-DOC Program: The French Innovative Experience in Research [fr]

"n+i" Engineering Institutes, that gather 50 French Engineering Schools, and over 150 research laboratories, offers a new program for French Innovative Experience Research.

Campus France made a partnership with "n+i" Engineering Institutes in order to offer an innovative program: The French Innovative Experience in Research – FIER-DOC.

This program was created to prepare and personalize the welcoming on arrival in France, to prepare all administrative formalities and also the cultural and language immersion for students who wants to have a research experience in France. The candidates eligible to this program are international students, and this program is designed for Master and PhD students only (current or towards this training course).
This program aims to equip students to gain skills in project management for research and development, applied in the fields of industry in a multicultural environment.
The information leaflet.

PDF - 888.2 kb
(PDF - 888.2 kb)

There are two sessions available each year:

  • the first session starts in October,
  • the second in February.

The very first session will start the 1st October 2017.

To enroll for the session that will start on February 2018, the deadline for applications is on: 31 August 2017.
This is an online enrolment.


publié le 26/07/2017

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