‘Experience France!’ joint booth at Education & Careers Expo 2014 : Successful one-stop inquiry station [fr]


The ‘Experience France!’ joint booth at Education & Careers Expo (ECE) 2014 has been a successful one-stop inquiry station for further studies and working holiday in France, supported by information on travelling and French learning.

Education in France

The Campus France stand has received numerous inquiries on education in France, posed by secondary students, undergraduates and postgraduates. Going to France for studies is increasingly popular in Hong Kong, proven by the sharp rise in the number of student visas delivered in 2013. This is certainly a wise alternative to Anglo-Saxon environments for acquiring overseas education experience and cultural exposure, which adds a competitive edge to the students’ profile. ‘The Hong Kong public is increasingly aware that the high quality of education in France actually only costs small tuition charges, and that the heavy government subsidization is not only beneficial to locals but to all international students,’ says Jessica Chan, Campus France Representative.

Working Holiday in France

Working holiday, as a career break or a ‘pre-career’ exploration, is also value-adding to self-development. The Working Holiday Agreement between France and Hong Kong has just been signed in May 2013 and the issue of the visas started from July of the same year. Hong Kong people aged between 18 and 30 can apply for it at any time of the year. They are still welcome to do so as the quota of the current year is not yet full. The visa allows the holder to spend up to one year in France for holidays and work, being exposed to French culture and its ‘art de vivre’.


French learning

The ability to speak French is NOT a prerequisite for studying or doing a working holiday in France. Students can take taught-in-English programmes and working holiday visa holders can find a job with their English- and Chinese-speaking advantages. However, learning French before and during the stay in France is surely recommended and desirable. As Director of Alliance Française de Hong Kong, Mr. Stéphane Joly pointed out at one ECE seminar, ‘speaking a certain level of French shows that you are open to cultures. It facilitates better interaction with people during your stay in France, and upon your return gives access to French companies in Hong Kong which are present in all the sectors’.


To help interested learners to achieve that purpose, the Alliance Française offers extensive and intensive courses in Hong Kong, as well as linguistic-cultural stays in France. For students who determine to brush up their French language before doing a degree programme in French, it is recommendable to take French courses in France beforehand. Further information is available at Campus France.

Further inquiries

For people who have missed their chance for inquiry at the booth at ECE, or who have follow-up questions after their visit, they are most welcome to contact Campus France Representative at study@consulfrance-hongkong.org or 3752 9974 for education information, and the visa department at admin-etrangers.hongkong-fslt@diplomatie.gouv.fr for working holiday visa information.

publié le 14/05/2014

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