European Union Film Festival [fr]

This is the fourth time the EU Office to Hong Kong and Macao and the EU Member States are organising the Festival in Hong Kong. And this year they are bigger than ever before, with 18 films coming from 18 European countries.

Audiences around the world have enjoyed contemporary European cinema and they showcase the very best of it to movie-goers in Hong Kong. There is a choice of acclaimed and award-winning films, covering various genres from comedy to drama.

This year, the represented French film is an animated film:
APPROVED FOR ADOPTION who won the Audience Award, Annecy Animation Film Festival 2012

Like the director himself, ARROVED FOR ADOPTION is hybridization of things: animation and live actions, 3D figures and 2D backgrounds, fiction and autobiography. The cartoonist-director Jung tells his story of finding his ethnic and cultural roots in the form of an autobiographical animation. He is a Korean born adopted son raised in Belgium, who distrusted anything from his own roots and developed an obsession for the Japanese culture as a means to assert his essential Asian nature. His trip to Korea is one of reconciliation to his ancestral and cultural roots as well as to himself. The hand-drawn animation now turns into a film, becoming ultimate expression of what started as the mere scribblings of the little boy trying to find his place in the world.

- 24 February at 20:25 at Palace IFC
- 3 March at 15:50 at la Broadway Cinematheque

Otherwise, the Swiss film co-produce with France:
Sister by Ursula Meier, Silver Bear Award, Berlin International Film Festival 2012

Simon is a12-year old thief who rides up to and down the ritzy resort every day on a season pass to steal unattended skis, goggles and winter gloves. He lives with his older sister Louise, a scruffy Kate Moss lookalike whose passivity extends to everything except partying and getting into cars with louts. Leading a tough life too early of his age to bear, the smart boy lives to survive, physically, financially and emotionally, by trading the proof of love with his sister with money. The two siblings share a secret that they hide well – something that maintains the bleak but unabandonable relationship under the sunny, beautiful landscape of the Alps.

Tickets and details of the programmes of the festival:

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